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Pen Your Pride

"Yes sir, it isn't the first time thats happened and it certainly won't be the last!"

The words came out almost as if whoever was talking was laughing at something. In his own little black world, Zayn's head swam around in darkness, listening while he tried to find the motive to open his eyes. More voices sounded, all of them laughing.

"That's the third time he has fainted since we've been together!"

Even in his current, partially blacked out state, Zayn felt that tanned skin on his cheeks heat with embarassment. He knew they were all talking about him. Part of his body wanted to twitch, make a tiny movement so they would know he was still alive, which judging by the way his head was pounding, he had hit pretty hard. But the other part really wanted to keep still and see what he could hear. He heard Jaime's voice next.

"In all honesty, guys", she chuckled," Zayn is less of a man than Lou is. And Lou bottoms!"

"You shut the hell up!" The angry outburst had come out of his mouth before he could control it. Smolten, golden eyes opening, Zayn shot into a sitting position on the floor. "Its nice to see what you all think of me.", he spat at the tiled floor before getting up and leaving the hospital room.


David ran his fingers through Liam's hair again, marveling at how soft and thick it really was. It had been two and a half hours since their arrival at the hospital. Other than the news about Niall's back, they had been told nothing. "Wonder how much longer...", he murmured softly to himself.

He knew some labors and child births could go up to seventy-two hours, but from the way Jaime had been moaning, he was sure hers had already passed. "Should one of us go back and see?" Turning, David's eyes met with a pair of frosty green ones. Harry was sitting in one ofthe waiting room chairs, his back stiff and proper. Against him, rested the blonde head of his fiancé. David smiled a little, offering a polite shrug. He really felt bad for the two. First, they almost break up because Harry gives off the I-don't-care-vibes. Then, Niall risks his back and the baby, though it wasn't his fault.

"I'll go", Liam offered and lifted himself from David's lap. Taking a quick stretch, he rubbed his side before he began making his way over to the nurses station. Half-way there, the two doors that led into the main hospital burst open, revealing a disgruntled Zayn. "I was just coming to ask about you!", he smiled and changed his course.

"Yeah, yeah." Zayn kept walking even when Liam fell in step with him. "I was get you guys." The lie slipped out easily, prompting an even larger smile from his friend. By the time they reached the little band of chairs, David and Harry were standing; Niall was propped against Harry, a small smile on his face.

Without a word, Zayn nodded for them all to follow him. He ignored the protests from the nurses and led them through the doors and towards the room where they were. They, being Jaime and Louis. Oh yeah, they'll say that shit when i'm unconcious but they can't say it to my damn face... Aggravation was taped across his forehead when he pushed the door to the room open. "Got company."

Louis, who was rocking the new born in his arms, looked up at the sound of his husbands voice. A smile graced his lips when he caught sight of them. "Hey guys", he said softly," Come see him. He's beautiful." Carefully standing, he glanced over at Jaime who had dozed off before turning to them. The baby squirmed ever so slightly in the swaddle blanket when he held him out.

The little baby, the first Malik baby, was perfect in everyway. Eyes opened barely a sliver, giving them a quick glance at the eyes that matched Jaime's; the ones that also matched Louis. On top of its still pink head, was a tuft of black fuzz, resembling his other father. The skin that covered it? It looked as if the child had been kissed by sun right it came into the world. The baby was Zouis made over and over.

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