Chapter Twenty

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 “I’m so tired! Can we stop soon?” I whined. It was close to midnight and we were still on the road. I had no idea where we were at, but we were in a little grungy town.

“We are almost to a motel, just chill.” He says with a laugh. I don’t know how much longer I can chill before I lose it. We have been driving for hours and my legs are aching to be stretched. I also feel very yucky and I now feel the desperate need of a nice, hot shower.

We finally pull up to a small motel. There is barely anyone in the parking lot so I’m guessing either the town is really that small, or this is a bad hotel. We skip bringing all of our bags inside since we’re leaving in a few hours. Keegan grabs one of his bags from the trunk and heads inside with me right beside him.

The inside was far raunchy. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the furniture looked old, raggedy, and used. Walking up to the front desk there was a lady filing her nails looking incredibly bored. She had red hair that was put up in a loose pony tail and headphones blaring in her ears. We stood there impatiently and I was beginning to get aggravated. Does she not see us here at all?

Fed up, I climb on the desk ripping the headphones out of her ears. She gave me a w-t-f look, “What do you want?” She asks in a slight annoyed country accent.

“We want a room what do you think?” I asked with ‘duh’ tone. She scowled at me then looked at Keegan.

“Where did you find her?” She asks in disbelief and I opened my mouth in shock. Did she really just ask that?”

“Can we please get a room?” He asked annoyed. The woman, whose nametag read Julie, sat up straighter and fixed her red hair and smiled.

“Of course, if you kiss me.” She flirted smiling. Anger started boiling within me. I felt the need to crawl over the counter and strangle this girl. Who did she think she is? I turned to Keegan and grabbing his shirt and pulling his lips down to mine. I kissed him fiercely, not even caring if Julie was watching; I wanted her to watch. After a couple of minutes, I pulled back and smiled at Julie.

She had an aggravated look on her face. She angrily slammed a key on the table and scowled at us. I gave her the same look as she put her headphones back in and stared at me with jealously. I grabbed the key and Keegan’s hand and dragged him with me to the stairs. This place was too beaten down to have an elevator.

I found our room and opened it with the key. I started walking inside the room but stopped. The wallpaper was peeling off in here, too, and the carpet was an ugly green sick color. There was a single bed in the center of the room with a lamp and bathroom. I scrunched my nose up looking at Keegan.

“We had to stop here.” I said sarcastically. He looked at me and grinned knowingly.

“You were complaining to stop.” He says and I groan eternally. I would have preferred sleeping in the car.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I mumbled heading to the bathroom. It was small with a shower, toilet, and sink. A regular bathroom with grunge molding on the sink and toilet. I look in the shower and decided its okay to use. I strip my clothes off and hop in. I let the hot water soak my body, like it will wash away the scum from the room, which I don’t think could be possible. Only, a couple minutes of hot water, it turned to cold. I let out a shriek and jumped quickly out.

 I grabbed one of the white towels that are thankfully clean and wrapped it around my shivering body. After drying myself off, I grabbed some clothes I found that Keegan left me in front of the bathroom door and slipped them on. It snuggled to myself for a moment to get warmer and walked out. There was just on little bed in here. How are we going to sleep on that thing?

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