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Normal POV:

Normal POV:

The story of the beginning is the same as you have heard of it before. However, only this time something had changed and it changed the lives of four mutants forever, or you could say... it changed the lives of six mutants.

Hamato Yoshi had escaped from Japan from the death of his wife and his daughter, Miwa. Oroku Saki had burned down his home and Yoshi had escaped to avoid any further interference with his insane friend that had now became his enemy.

He had escaped to America and his new life in New York wasn't easy. One day, he decided to go out to the pet store to buy four baby turtles and little did he know, that this day his life would change forever more than it already was.


Meanwhile.... Another story came to pass. A baby gator once had a loving owner, a young boy. Until his parents had found about him and the gator himself was flushed away into the sewers. And there, the Kraang had found him and took him back to their dimension to be used as an experiment.

He was now changed into a young mutant crocodile who was perhaps barely in his early human years as he was now part crocodile and human. A humanoid crocodile mutant. He was trapped in a tank being subjected to the Kraang's horrible experiments. However, they could not break his spirit.

For he had mustered all the strength he had in himself to escape through the Kraang's portal that lead to the Earth, while he in the process had stolen a vital component of the Kraang.... A power cell that powered the portal for the entrance to Earth from Dimension X.


Meanwhile... out in a street as usual Hamato Yoshi saw a strange men, and he was holding some glowing substance. He had a bad feeling as he knew whatever these men were doing was wrong. So, he himself began to walk up to them until they attacked vigorously at first. He was now engaged into a fight, and in the process the turtle tank that contained the four baby turtles had slipped from his grasp shattering upon the ground just as Yoshi had knocked the Kraang man back who dropped the ooze canister that also, shattered upon the ground green ooze spilling everywhere.

Hamato Yoshi accidentally stepped onto rat's tail as he slipped upon the slick ground around him that was covered with this glowing green substance.

The weird Kraang men had finally disappeared leaving Yoshi laying upon the ground as burning pain exploded across his body. He noticed himself glowing along with the turtles as he howled clutching his head as he screamed.

His body morphed as he saw change in form. He had brown fur, paws, whiskers, rat ears and everything else of a rat. He gasped in shock as he turned his head noticing the baby turtles, they were standing upon two legs. They were also bigger in size, like the size of any human baby. Not to mention, they were also wailing like babies.

Seeing these helpless baby turtle cry made Yoshi's heart clench as compassion overfilled him. He couldn't just leave these turtles like this. Not to mention he wasn't exactly human anymore and he doubted the humans would accept him and these turtles.

As best as he could, he tried to comfort the wailing turtles wrapping his arms around them as he scooped them up into his grasp. He needed to find a safe place for them and he noticed a manhole cover in front of him as he nodded lifting up the cover as he climbed his way down into the sewers.

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