Next Morning

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I woke up and groaned at the sunlight coming in from my bedroom window. Annoyed, I threw my covers over my face so I can go back to sleep. My head is still pounding from last night. No, I didn't get drunk. It's just because of the music being so loud. Man, I hate clubs. But it was cool dancing with Justin. He's hot as hell and was really nice. He's got a good chance of becoming something with me.

All of a sudden, my alarm clock sounded. I groaned as I sat up and turned it off. Damn, I have to go work for that douche bag. I ran my hands through my frizzy wavy hair and sighed. I yawned and got up to go get myself a cup of coffee before starting this long day. When I walked out of my room, I saw Bella sleeping on the coffee table. She was sprawled out over the table. Her dress was bunched up at her waist, exposing her dark red lace thong.
Zendaya- classy.
I muttered and went to the kitchen. After setting the coffee maker, I went to wake up Bella. I looked down at the sloppy drunk mess lying on the small table. I bent down and shook her shoulder to wake her up. She groaned with her eyes still closed.
Zendaya- Bella, wake up. Come on, Belle. Wake up.
She turned on her side and opened her eyes. She squinted at the light and groaned. I sat her up on the table and she swung her legs over so her feet were on the floor. She held her head in her hands.
Zendaya- you okay?
She nodded. Then she puked all over the carpet. I just turned away and walked into the kitchen.
Zendaya- nope. I'm done. I can't handle this.
I told myself as I made my cup of coffee and went in my room to drink it. After my cup of coffee, I got up and looked for an outfit for work. I decided on a black blazer, white t-shirt, black high waisted jeggings and heels. Just as I was about to put it on, there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was Bella. She looked terrible.
Zendaya- yes?
Bella- help me get ready for work.
She said slurring her words a bit.
Zendaya- Bella, you are still drunk. This ain't even a hangover. You are still drunk from last night. You've gotta sleep it off.
Bella- I can't. Trevor said I'm only down to 5 vacation days and I'm planning on not use up any of them.
Zendaya- but Bella...
Bella- please.
I sighed.
Zendaya- fine. But if you puke on me, I'm done.
Bella- deal.
We walked to her bedroom and she sat down on her bed. I went to her closet and rummaged through for some clothes. I pulled out a white peplum top, black and white striped leggings and black booties. This is okay, I guess. I pulled her into the bathroom and got to work. After she washed her face, I did her hair as she put on very natural makeup. When we were done, while she went to go get dressed, I went to get ready myself. I went into my bathroom and pulled my hair into a bun and put on natural makeup as well. To be honest, I just don't have time to look all glamorous.

When I walked out my room, Bella came out looking fabulous. Fabulously drunk that is. She tripped over her heels and landed on her knees. I helped her back up on her feet.
Zendaya- okay, maybe flats would've been a better choice.
Bella- no. I look sexy as fuck in these shoes.
Zendaya- you can barely stand upright.
Bella- it's the boobs, honey. Double D's
She squeezed her boobs and I rolled my eyes. Then I noticed something.
Zendaya- you're not wearing a bra?
Bella- it was contracting. Like handcuffs for my titties.
Zendaya- put on a damn bra and get your strawberry blonde butt out the door.
I ordered. She rolled her eyes, but followed my orders. I sighed and walked out the door. I hurried to the floor where I worked and walked down the hall. I walked into the employee lounge. Gregg was there copying some papers.
Gregg- hello, Zendaya.
Zendaya- hey, Gregg.
I said kinda tired.
Gregg- what's going on? You look exhausted.
Zendaya- is it that obvious?
Gregg- kinda. Spill.
Zendaya- Bella and I went clubbing last night. She got super drunk and yours truly had to help her get dressed this morning.
Gregg- damn. At least she had fun.
Zendaya- yeah, she did. She got plenty of drinks in. And she was grinding on all these guys and shit. Well, I can't talk, cause I was doing the same thing.
I laughed a bit. Then I looked at Gregg. He looked like someone just ran over his puppy.
Zendaya- okay, I grinder on one guy, but the club thing is new for me so don't judge.
Gregg- no, it's not that.
Zendaya- then what? What's going on?
Gregg-'s nothing.
He turned away from me. Then I got a thought. No way.
Zendaya- no way. You li....
-hey guys!
I looked and saw Bella in the doorway. I gasped and clutched my heart. Bella was only in her black bra, the pants I picked out for her and no shoes. Oh. My. Gosh. I looked at Gregg. He looked just as terrified as I am. She walked in with a Heineken bottle in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.
Zendaya- shit Bella! Are you trying to get fired?!
I whisper yelled. She just shrugged and took another swig of her beer. Gregg snatched the bottle out of her hand.
Bella- give it back!
She yelled. Gregg shushed her.
Gregg- lower your voice or all three of us are going to get fired.
Zendaya- what are we going to do with her? Bella's a complete mess and if Trevor sees her, she'll be fired on spot.
Gregg- I know. We've gotta get her back down to your room.
Zendaya- I can't. I have to be in Trevor's office in less than five minutes.
Gregg- okay. I'll get her down there. Give me your key.
I gave him my key. He put it in his poker before picking up Bella bridal style in his arms and walked out of the employee lounge. I sighed and straightened my blazer.
Zendaya- I'm too old for this.

Gregg's point of view:
I finally got Bella to their apartment. She's so drunk right now. Well, obviously. I set her down and leaned her against me as I opened the door. But then she just collapsed on the floor. I huffed as I dragged her into her apartment by her feet. I dragged her into the living room. While there, I noticed a huge stain on the rug. Hmm. I closed the front door and turned back to Bella. She shoved me back against the door,
Gregg- I didn't hear you get up.
Bella- you know, Gregory, I love your accent.
Gregg- really? You've never mentioned that.
Bella- well, many secrets are revealed when a little tipsy. Wanna find out a few more of my secrets?
She whispered seductively in my ear. I could feel myself getting turned on. Something tells me I'm gonna be a little late this morning.

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