Chapter 8 {Dreams}

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Jin's POV
After we all calmed down after Cory's episode we all went to bed for the night. During the night I decided to go out and train.
"Hey!" Says someone behind me "Agh!" I shout losing my concentration on the water and dropping it on top of my self. I look up to see Aphmau "Oh my gosh I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you!" "It's okay." I reply.
"So what are you doing out here?" Asks Aphmau "I wanted to train so I don't lose concentration like you just saw." I say using my powers to lift all the water off me "But in battle you seem to use your powers perfectly fine." Says Aphmau "I can use them but it's when I become scared, you saw when Cory went insane for that little bit I lost control of the tower of water I was standing on and fell into the pond." I answer "That probably would have happened to any of us if we were in your situation." Says Aphmau smiling at me "Yeah but I tend to be spooked more then other people. A perfect example was when I dropped the water on top of myself because you greeted me unexpectedly." I say "Well in an actual battle your adrenaline will be pumping through you allowing you to use your powers, so I wouldn't worry to much. And hey from what I've seen you seem to be the best at using your powers so far." Aphmau say playfully punching me in the shoulder.
"Heh.. I guess you're right." I reply "Yes I am, so why don't we go back to bed." Says Aphmau "Yeah sleep sounds good right now." I yawn out walking back to the house.
Before walking back in our rooms I look over and say "Thank you Aphmau." "Your welcome Jin." She says as we exchange smiles and walk into our rooms.

Aphmau's POV
Jin and I exchange smiles before walking in our rooms to go to sleep once more.
I quickly fall into a deep slumber and start dreaming. It seemed pretty casual at first just the six of us trading learning how to use our powers while Red watches from the side. Out of the blue Cory held his head in his hands and stands there before turning around and running into the forest.
We all frantically follow him before running into some unfamiliar faces. I get hit in the head by something so my vision goes blurry. The last thing I see before waking up is something an inch away from crushing Jin, Ross, and Cory.
I instantly shoot up in my bed giving out an ear piercing scream "NNOOOOOO!". I quickly cover my mouth with both my hands and sit the holding my breath.
I hear running down in the hallway and the first one to burst through my door is Jin. He runs up next to my bed asking "What's wrong Aphmau!" Cory, Shelby, Ross, and Sky cautiously walk in flipping on the lights.
"Are you okay Aphmau?" Asks Shelby "Itwasjustsomethinghappened Coryranoffandthenwewenttocha-" I start before Sky cuts me off "You need to slow down Aphmau." "Yeah just calm down and you can tell us what happened." Says Jin giving me a comforting smile.
I take a deep breath in then out. "We were training like usual until Cory froze and was holding his head in his hands before suddenly running off into the forest. We quickly follow him and run into some strangers. The next thing I know is that I get hit by something and fall to the ground. The impact of the hit blurred my vision and the last thing I saw before I woke up was Jin, Ross, and Cory seconds away from being crushed by something."
"W-well it was a n-nightmare so you d-don't have to w-worry about." Says Ross trying to keep his voice steady "No you don't understand!" I say "What do you mean?" Asks Cory skeptically "Before I got my powers I had a dream of us training and all the things I dreamed happened exactly the same in real life." I say "Woah!" Says Sky "This isn't a dream it's more like a premonition of some sort." Continues Aphmau "Maybe this one isn't a premonition and just happened due to stress building." Suggests Jin "I hope so.." I say looking down at my bedsheets. "You guys can go back to bed, I'll be fine."

3rd Person POV
Everyone wakes up in the morning and heads downstairs to the living room. Jin and Aphmau are sitting on the couch Cory and Shelby are sitting in the chairs across from each other, Sky and Ross are sitting on the floor.
"Good morning children!" Says Red "Why do you keep calling us children you look about the same age as us?!?" Says Jin "I look the same age but I'm older then all of you, and I just like saying children." Answers Red "Okay weird." Says Cory "Well now we have that out of the way let's talk about Shelby and Cory." Says Red.
"Why us?" Asks Shelby "Because for as long as the powers have been around nobody has been given Life or Death until now." Says Red "Then why didn't they in the past?" Sky asked "I'm not sure but I think it was something about it being to powerful for humans to control." Answers Red "You keep talking about us controlling the powers like as if the powers are able to control us." Says Aphmau "Well yeah I guess I have been." Replies Red "Why?" Asks Ross.
Red stands there silent for a minute before answering "The powers can kinda actually take control..." "WHAT?!?" Shouts all six of the teenagers "Yeah that's why Cory has been acting that way. He's actually the second best at using his powers and since the power of Death is more powerful the the four element powers he's being controlled." Continues Red "Why don't I act like that when I use mine then?" Asks Shelby "Each power kinda has its own personality, Fire tends to become angry quickly and attacks, Water has always been known to get scared and freeze, Wind will get too pumped up and start to lose control hurting them selves, Earth is pretty mellow but once they start letting an emotion control them they go full out, Life is good hearted and protects trying to peacefully resolve, and Death likes to resolve things by eliminating its target. Permanently." Explains Red
"So the powers are making us feel emotions that aren't really ours?" Asks Ross "No they're still yours that's why you guys got your specific power because it resonates with you the best." Answers Red.
"Now let's get back to training!" Shouts Red.

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