Chapter 63

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Hailie ducked behind a... well she wasn't sure what it was but it was big enough to hide her. She peered around it.

The crew had dispersed. Divide and conquer she guessed. Eli was sitting down on a log. He was saying something and everyone around seemed captured by his words, especially the girls. Were they even hearing what he was saying or were they just staring at him? She guessed it was the latter. She wasn't even a little surprised. Zigzag was chatting up two girls. Shen was on the other side doing the same. Celeste was having an argument with some older people. The Captain was drinking with some old men. She couldn't see Kendra but there were some men crowded around something, and she could see a glimpse of Kendra's shirt and the legs of a chair. When they parted Kendra was sitting on a chair like a Queen, and one of the men handed her a plate of food. She'd hypnotized them! That was fast. They'd only been gone for a few minutes. They shouldn't be pirates. They could just charm everyone into giving up everything they owned.

Hailie sat on the ground and leaned against... whatever it was. She wondered if the real reason they left her behind was because she didn't have the skills to charm everyone like they did, or maybe they thought she would get into a fight. She could smell the food from where she was. Her stomach growled but she couldn't bring herself to go there. Hailie remembered how they used to look at her. It wasn't something she wanted to relive.

"Why are you here?"

She jumped to her feet. Keagan.

"That is none of your business."

"Really? Because you are on my land."

Hailie scoffed. "The land your father was ready to just give away to Brook."

"I'm actually glad your captain stopped him." Keagan's eyes went harsh. "I need to take over before he leaves us with nothing."

"What happened? They barely told me anything."

Keagan leaned against the wall of the house. "Well, after you left your captain had one of the women who was with you give him another bag like the one he gave Father. Your captain said that since they went there without permission that he would pay him even though they never had any agreement. Brook said no at first but Trey convinced him to take the gems and the land that your captain offered. I was surprised when he agreed. You know he goes into a trance whenever he gets bitten but it had no effect on you. It must have scared him a little, and when Trey started whispering to him that must have convinced him that it was best to take your captain's offer." He sighed. "Hopefully we won't have anymore trouble with him about this. He was paid a lot so this matter seems settled."

"Things will be easier once Trey takes over."

He laughed. "You think so? I doubt he would be much better."

"Trust me."

Keagan turned on her. His eyes went cold. She resisted the urge to take a step back and stood her ground.

"Trust you? I trusted you with Fel!"

"It was an accident, Keagan. I would have saved her if I could. I have told you that a hundred times."

He grabbed her by the shirt.

"If you want to hit me then do it. I will not tell anyone what happened."

"At least... at least try to get angry," he said. He released her. "It would be so much better if you got angry at least once." He dragged a hand down his face. "It isn't satisfying to hit someone who wants to be hit."

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