Part 10

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Watch the video at the end but skip to
the 1:50 time frame..

Annabeth xx
She slowly opened her eyes after a long moment of having them shut and looked up. She found Percy looking down at her as he pulled her closer.

"Wow," Percy softly mumbled into her ear. The blond just smiled and let him continue. He said (Peter Pan that's what they call me...),"Tonight has been stunning, don't you agree?"  Annie nodded and moved her face slowly towards his.

She was really going to do it, Annabeth Chase, the nerd, was going to give her first kiss and to Percy Freaking Jackson for the Greek Gods' sake! But, when her face was just inches away from his, she stopped and giggled.

"Did you really think I was going to kiss you?" she questioned in a messing around tone. She saw his face flush and his face sink. "Maybe," He said while trying to force his face to quit.

Annie giggled again then placed her hands in his,"Let's go back inside, I think Piper might be waiting for us." The blond pointed to an excited Piper who had her face pressed against a near by window.

"I think we should... But first, I want to do something that I've been wanting to do for a few weeks now." Percy smiled and brought his lips to Annie's cheek, causing her to blush furiously.

Annie grabbed her phone and heard her favorite song blasting, which meant Piper was texting her.

"You're on my lips and
I can't get rid of you.."
   "So I say damn your kiss
  and the awful things
you do.."
   "You're worse than nicotine..."

She ignored the text and walked inside, only to think that tonight, was the best night of her life.


I know it's been awhile but please don't kill me, I have had a lot on my plate and I literally hate and I mean HATE my life ATM. But I'm doing just fine!

Me- I'm not gonna update for 6+ months and my readers are gonna be stranded!

Readers- Why are you doing this to us!

Me- Because I'm MistyPotter and I am a f**king nightmare!

(Comedy Central reference)



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