Chapter 3 - Meet Ron

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Chapter 3

Meet Ron.

I walked around the casino completely uninterested in what was going on around me. Jayden was having fun, gambling his life away on endless games. Sometimes he would ask me to read a few minds to see what angels or a few humans were thinking. I'd started to refuse after the first hour. Bonnie and Maryanne had disappeared somewhere so I'd been left to do absolutely nothing.

I was getting bored and fast. We were here to do something so I wasn't planning on staying any longer. I spotted Maryanne and Bonnie in deep conversation sitting at the bar across the room.

I let my senses branch out and listened to what they were saying as I slowly walked toward them...

"...react?" I caught Bonnie say.

"We'll find out won't we? I told you so you could keep her under control. Who knows what she'll do." From within the people, I saw Mary take a large gulp of what she was was drinking. She glanced around and caught sight of me slowly walking toward then. "She's coming and most likely listening." She smirked.

Bonnie looked up to me smiling nervously as I finally stopped near them. Their minds blank or counting from 1 to 1000 as if they'd know I'd try to read their thoughts.

"What's going on." I demanded. 

"Nothing." Mary said with a shrug. "Just discussing the future."

Bonnie looked to her drink and then smiled at the bartender. 

"Look Mary. We need to get going. Where is this guy?"

I glanced at Bonnie's rigid position and then at Mary's relaxed one. Something was definitely wrong. 

"He's here. He's doing his rounds." She said with a mischievous smile. "Walk around a bit and I'll call you when he's here."

I scowled at her deeply and started to walk around. I'd gained the attention of every Fallen or Demon in this place when I walked in but I ignored them.

I stood close by Jay to make sure he wasn't kidnapped or even killed. I didn't know what they were like here. 

"Excuse me?"

I could hear the intentions of this man before he even approached me. I glanced to my side at the all American male. Broad shoulders, tall, handsome... "I'm not interested." I smiled.

He raised a brow and crossed his arms across his chest. 

Two and a half years without Gabriel has its worst moments. I missed him dearly in more ways than one. I missed being with him physically. Hey, I am human in some aspects. However, turning down humans or fallen angels like these were easy, it just reminds me of the fact that I couldn't have Gabriel.

He made the awful mistake of putting his hand on my wrist. "You look slightly, tense. Allow me--"

"Please leave before I break your neck." I let my hand warm more than necessary.

He flinched and walked away quickly.

Something familiar caught my attention. Except it was stronger. I couldn't put my finger on it however. It was someone's energy or should I say an angel. Maybe even a Fallen. 

I turned around more than once to try and locate it but I couldn't. So I ignored it and walked to Jay. 

"Jay, are you finished?" I whispered in his ear. "You're losing more money than you're gaining."

He chuckled. 'Then tell me if this guy is bluffing.' He thought.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the man on the circular table. The man opposite Jayden to the human eye would look normal and confident. But to me, his thoughts were riding on Jayden folding so he would win even though he had the worst hand ever. I glanced at Jay's hand and chuckled.

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