"Try not to fall in love with any of the boys." (Niall Horan Love Story)

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(Sorry if it isn't good. I had to try a story! I couldn't just make an account and then read stories, could I? Well yeah I could...but I hope you like it! Also, I'm from the states so if any of the slang is off please tell me? Comment and Vote:) )

I stood outside with Harry as my mum and dad pulled me in for one last hug. Harry is my cousin, my (almost) favourite to be exact. I was moving out of my parents home and into a flat out of town with his band.

I'm Annie Styles, my dad and Harry's dad are brothers. We are the same age and up until last year we had been in the same year. Then he auditioned for X factor and he hasn't been round much except for when school's on holiday.

But I'm spending my summer with the band and helping them out writing songs, I'm good at that and Harry knows it. Plus, I've wanted to meet Harry's best friends.

"I love you, sweetie!" My Mum called, as I stepped into the passengers side of Harry's car.

"Love you too, Mum." I yelled back at her.

Harry waved a goodbye and pulled out of my long driveway. We hadn't been driving long when Harry started with the rules, "Okay if you're actually going to live with the guys we need ground rules."

I nodded, "Alright."

"Number one" He held up one finger and looked over at me, "Try not to fall in love with any of the boys." He chuckled, "Also, there will be NO sharing rooms with any of them."

I laughed at the thought of being with one of Harry's friends, he continued, "Number two, We leave on Monday through Friday from 9 to 4 for the studio for a month, please try and help clean around the house. I'm sorry to ask you to help but living with those guys is truly disgusting sometimes." He crinkled his nose in apparent disgust.

"No problem, it's the least I could do for you taking me in, ickle Harry!" He cringed as I addressed him.

"Number 3, we do not call Harry, 'ickle harry'. Ever."

I laughed loudly and he rolled his eyes. Harry and I are similar in some ways. Like when we roll our eyes, we have the same facial expressions. We have the same coloured eyes, greenish and the same curls in our hair. However Harry had the dark chestnut colour I had my mum's brown-blonde colour. I quite liked it. Harry was about 3 inches taller than I and I wear huge heels all of the time....

After about an hour drive, we pulled up in front of this really nice flat complex. Harry and I stepped out and grabbed my bags from the back and went to the fifth floor of this really lavish building. He pulled out his key and placed it into the huge brass doorknob. The door number was 5H, I'd have to remember that.

"Now, be quiet. I'm sure the guys are sleeping and-" He was cut off by the lights flickering on and the four boys yelling, "SURPRISE!"

I closed my eyes and try to get my heart beating again, as was Harry.

"What is wrong with you?" Harry laughed at them.

"Hello Annie!" A boy with shaggy brown hair called, as he threw his arms around me and gave me a bone crushing hug.

I smiled and he spun me around, "We've heard only wonderful things about you. I expect the same about us?" He gave me a cheesy wink.

I giggled, "Well I can tell you what I've heard, only I don't know which one is which." I was trying to place descriptions to faces but I was never good at that.

A boy with blonde hair and an irish accent came over and hugged me next.

I knew he was Niall because of his accent. It was really charming. "Alright, so Harry said he was completely mad about me, didn't he?" Niall asked and Harry rolled his eyes.