Chapter 2: Intruders

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I take a deep breath and tries to hold it as long as I can when I hear footsteps going into the gym. Male voices are shouting at each other and I hear screams as the intruders are pounding on the doors that lead into the changing rooms. I think it's just a matter of time until they get in, one way or another.

"Did someone get out?", I hear a manly voice say and another guy responds.

"No, we guard all the exits. Everyone's in the changing rooms."

I breathe out until the first person speaks again and I feel my entire body freeze.

"Not everyone." At the same time as I hear footstep walk off, I also hear footsteps approaching me, coming too close for my liking. I hold my breath and feel my heart pounding heart in my chest.

Please don't see me, please don't see me. Please-

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?", someone says in a mocking tone. I gulp and tilt my head up only to meet a pair of green eyes I've never seen before. He takes a step closer to me and I crawl back, but the wall prevent me from moving any further and I see the guy smirk in amusement.

"Problem, buttercup?"

I don't answer, and I don't look him either. Who even says buttercup? It sounds bloody awful.

When he realize I'm not going to answer, he gives out a low chuckle and stretches his arm out towards me to pull me up. I curl into a ball and let out a sigh of relief when I notice I'm just out of reach for him. The plinth is in the way, and I don't think I've ever been so glad about a gymnastic appliance before. He can't take any more steps towards me but the plinth only reaches to his hip and I know I am trapped. But I take all extra seconds of freedom I can get. I don't know what he and the others will do when they have me, but I don't want to find out either.

"Get up", the guy growls and I shake my head.


He sighs and looks annoyed, repeating his words through clenched teeth. "Get. Up."

I shake my head and I can see him clench his fist.

"Get up now, or I'll make you", he threatened and I consider his words but stay on my spot, not moving an inch.

He gives out a loud sigh and pushes the plinth away, and it lands on the hard ground with a cracking sound, but I don't think it broke. I try to get away from him when he reaches out his hand again, but this time, there's nothing to stop him and he takes a hold onto my arm and I yelp in pain. He drags me out of the small room and I notice the gym is still empty. At least my classmates are still safe, for now.

"Hmm... and what am I supposed to do with you then, buttercup?", the guy holding my arm in a tight grip says to no one particular. I start to kick and hit with my arms and legs in an attempt to get away from him and I hear him chuckle behind me. I stop moving and pretend to relax in his grip, and when I feel his grip soften a little bit, I elbow him in his stomach. He lets out a groan and I snatch my arm free and starts to run towards one of the exits. A quick look behind me states that he started to run after me, but at least I am a good P.E. student, and running happens to be one of my strongest sides. I reach the door and I am just about to open it when I realize it's the stupidest thing I can do. The corridor is full of intruders and I will just walk away from one of them and approach a dozen other instead. In the last moment, I turn around and head for the bleachers instead. The green eyed guy is now close behind me, I'm sure of it, and I have no time to waste. There's just one problem. I have nowhere to go. The bleachers are just a temporary place to hide, and with temporary I mean it will last for a few seconds. But as I said before, a few more seconds of freedom is better than none.

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