♡ chapitre un ♡

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warning; v fluffy! :^) + sassy!tyler and sassy!luke because duh?

"okay time to get up cutie!" tyler says as he checks his phone for the time, it was 7:15.

luke groans as he opens his eyes and sees his adopted brother, tyler. he giggles.

"f-fine fine im u-up ty,"

"finally, are you excited for our first day of school?!" tyler asks and luke gets out of bed.

"y-yes, but really n-nervous," luke says walking to his drawer. him and tyler shared a huge room.

"awh lucifer, you will be okay. we will be okay," tyler says. "wanna match today?"

luke smiles widely and nods his head. "y-yes please,"

tyler strips down and gets on a blue bottom up skirt, and a black crop top paired with a black leather choker. luke then puts on a lighter blue skirt and the same crop top. (outfit on media!!)

"awh we look so cute!" tyler says squishing luke's cheeks.

"awh s-stop," luke says feeling his cheeks burn.

"maybe they'll be cute boys at this new school," tyler says winking at luke then applying mascara on his lashes.

"i h-hope," luke gushes as he checks his tumblr.

"lovelies, are y'all up?" liz asks opening the door.

"yeah," tyler calls in sync.

"awwwh you two look so cute! lemme take a photo and i'll post it on facebook!" liz says making the two stand up and take a photo.

"okay come on, i'll make you both some toast and tea, yeah?" liz says smiling.

"y-yes please!" luke says. tyler just nods his head as he gets puts on bracelets on his wrist.

luke ran downstairs and was excited for his first day of school, he was home schooled for four years since bullying got tough, but then liz and andy adopted tyler, since his home was was a broken home. luke and tyler are in grade 12, theyregonna graduate this year.

tyler went downstairs, with a black flower crown on his head.

"breakfast is ready my sunshines," liz says handing them a plate with buttered toast.

"t-thanks momma l-liz," luke says grinning and taking a bite.

"here you go ty," liz says. "thanks ma,"

after breakfast they get on their shoes, tyler is wearing white adidas shoes and luke gets on white converse.

they get everything like their backpack, phone, and school supplies.

they get into the car and liz starts to drive. when liz parks in front of the school, she starts to cry.

"awh m-mom its o-okay," luke says hugging her. tyler joins in.

"it's-it's just you guys are graduating soon and you guys are so grown up and so beautiful, im proud of you guys," liz says kissing both of the boys foreheads.

"now go . . . make friends, regret some things but still learn some stuff in your brains." luke and tyler giggle at liz's response.

luke and tyler get out of the car and start to walking to the big high school.

they walk to the office and get their schedules. when they walk out the office lady says,

"by the way, you both look so! cute today aww,"

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