Harry Styles

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Hope you all enjoy the first of many One Shots! Remember, if you want one go to one of my stories (Sweet Love or It Doesn't Hurt To Try) and comment on the part labeled One Shots!

This one is for LYDIAplusARIBA! I hope you like how I wrote the setting and situation. Sorry if these things do not relate to your actually personality! I tried my best!

Enjoy! xx

~Amanda xx

"Lydia, you're late for work....again." The shrill voice of Karen my boss scolded, her tone stern and demanding. Rolling my eyes secretly I put on a fake smile, preparing to give her the same excuse as yesterday. 

"My alarm didn't go off this morning. It won't happen again, I promise." She seemed not to notice I'd said that repeatedly and walked off contempt, taking her obnoxiously loud heels along. 

"Bitch," I muttered to myself, taking big strides towards the labeled room down the corridor. It wasn't my alarm that caused the tardiness, it was the fact that the guy living next door to me loved the neighbours knowing his name apparently and brought a different girl home every night. Due to the fact they were over for like, 3 hours, I lost a lot of rest at night and decided to make it up by sleeping in.

"Late again I see?" Harry's annoying words ceased my walking, causing me to turn towards his room. 

"Seems like that's none of your business," I snapped, wishing more than anything that I could slap the silly smirk off his face. 

He chuckled, "I always liked how feisty you were. Say, wanna get some coffee later Lyd?" 

"With anyone but you, Harold." Walking away with satisfaction I successfully made it to my office, the sweet scent of coconut wafting around me. God I hated that guy. Always pestering with that teasing smirk of his. Even though he was reasonably hot I wanted nothing more than to strangle him and shove the body into a ravine. 

Pushing all violent thoughts aside, I began to complete my usual daily work, completing documents and reading manuscripts. The job was quite boring but it paid a lot so I wasn't complaining. 

By the end of the day my fingers ached as usual and I could feel the burning in my eyes. But that was the result after 8 long hours in the office. After gathering all the loose papers that were needed at home I headed towards the elevator, craving to be in the comfort of my house. 

"Ugh, rain." I groaned, peering out the window momentarily before entering the sliding doors. 

"Going down?" 

As if my day couldn't get any worse!

"You don't get off till 6 why are you leaving!" I exclaimed, eyes widened at the curly haired boy. Once again he smirked, his finger pushing upon the glowing L. 

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