Chapter eight

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"What can I do ?" I asked myself 
"When he will woke up he will kill me".

I was so angry earlier but now seeing him unconscious on the floor makes me feel bad. What's happening to me ? I never feel bad for anyone.

I felt on my knees next to him. I tried to turn his body around so he could be on his back. He was heavy but I did it anyway. I sat on his belly and observed him. I looked first at his face, he looked peaceful and angelic. How could someone be so perfect outside and so ugly inside... But I had hope, I had hope that maybe deep down in him there were a good man. I don't know why but every time I talked to him I could see something strange in his eyes, something warm. I don't know how to describe it but it's very interesting.

"Shut up Camilla" I told myself.

I started thinking about a plan seating on the belly of an unconscious man who is my kidnapper at the same time... My life is really fucked up.

Anyways I stood up and went to the kitchen to get some ice for him. If I was kind with him after that maybe he wouldn't cut my throat who know ?

When I came back he was no longer where I left him, oh god.

I turned around to escape but I felt a strong grip on my waist. He slammed me on the wall once again and held me by the wrists .

"Who the fuck do you think you are to do this cagna!" He shouted at me. He paused when he saw what was in my hand. His ton changed from an angry ton to an the-person-i-m-talking-with-is-totally-dumb ton.

"Your are the creepiest woman I have ever mate " he said.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You hit me with a gun and than you come back with ice to help me! Are you bipolar Camilla?" he said in a sarcastic ton. How dare he !

"I could ask you the same question Tino" I said with a smirk of mine.

"Stop it." he said in a tired voice after 30 seconds.

"Stop what ?"

"Stop defying me, one day you will regret it" he said in a calm voice while locking eyes with me. The atmosphere was hotter then earlier. 

"Why will I regret Mr. Albrizzi ?" I said in a sexy ton while rubbing him slightly with my thighs .

There were a huge sexual tension between us since the beginning so I played with it for him to forget what I did and I have to admit that I liked teasing him as well.

"Camilla, Camillla.... You are a smart woman but if you think by doing this I will forget... Amore ... I want to punish you even more" He said in a low voice. Punish me ? What ? I'm not a freaking dog.

"I'm not the whore you pay every night to do dirty shit to you " I said now angry, he was disrespectful.

"You think I need to pay whores to fuck ?" he said.

"Yes" I said very seriously.

He literally burst out of laughing and let me go. I was there not moving watching him laugh, I had never seen him laugh before , he was so cute. He looked so kind and god I felt butterfly in my belly . I started laughing too. After 1 minutes we calmed down.

"You have nice teeth " I said out of no where.
Why did I said that ? Now he will think I'm creepy but wait since when I care about what people are thinking of me.

"Grazzie, you too bella" he said with his famous smirk.

"Do you want to eat something ?" I said with a blush.
For a moment he didn't talk, he looked preoccupied.

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