I'm Sick Of This

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Lily's Pov

As I walked back down stares I saw that everyone was in the living room I looked at the rose then at the note, sighing. It was to good to be true wasn't it, honestly we really didn't have a chance.

"So when did you get them?" I asked walking to sit by Ethan who was on the couch, he dint move to come closer or touch me swear I saw him move away. Ignoring him I looked at the box that was on the floor in the middle.it was beautifully wrapped the box was pure white ties with a pink ribbon.

"when we got home, it was just a single white rose on the door step" Riley said holding Mia's hand

"wait you only got one and it was on the door step" i asked they all nodded at me

"Why?" Ethan asks looking me dead in the eye, I just stared at him I was going say it was odd but the note I got replied in my head.

"No reason" I said avoiding his eye "can I see them?" Nina got up first and gave me hers she then stared at me as she watched me open it.

'it's my turn to torture you' the note read as I looked at her she chucked a doll at me with pins in it.

"so much for being safe" she said in a hostler tone as tears came down her face, Ethan got up and admaditly hugged her

"It will be okay" he whispered as he rocked her . It hurt to much to look, I adverted my eyes to Riley and Mia I simple held out my hand wanting to see there notes.

'lets start with a clean slate' i looked at Riley he nodded

' you were always my favourite want to make a deal?-D' i looked at Mia she wouldn't look at me but i knew the offer was tempting

I looked at Charlie he was staring at Nina with anger as Ethan hugged her.

"Charlie?... What dose it say?"

"Say it enough and you'll actually start to believe it... remember that-D" Charlie read his aloud it made no sense none of them made any sense what so ever.

"What dose yours say" Nina asked still holding Ethan, I stared at her with no emotion in my face but I saw her eyes where gleaming with power.

'Hear that? It's the sound of your mistakes. When you want it back, gimme a ring! - D' I spoke aloud I then chucked the rose on the floor "theres also a lot more roses in my room.

"wait he broke in?" charlie shouted as i nodded

"it's not the first time, Charlie" I say sharing a small smile.

"why haven't you told us" Ethan asked in a quite tone i didn't awnser him

"Why cant we just tell the police." Mia asked i then felt my phone buzz in my pocket i also saw Ethan get his out

"you bark. i bite."Ethan started to speak but stopped

"Say my name they both get the blame kisses-D" I finished and once I said it I sucked in a breath. He's declaring war. We all sat in silence everyone new it nothing was going to be the same. Heck it hasn't been normal for a long time.But it looks like me and Ethan would be the ones getting the blame.

"Whats in the box?" I ask to none in particular but none awnsers instead they all look between Ethan and me.

"whats in the box Ethan?" i say annoyed, i then get a harsh look from Nina

"You shouldn't talk to him like that! it's your fault!" she shouted at me everyone looked at my direction waiting for my response but all I did was lean back in my chair and observer her.

"well thank god YOU finally got something right" i say indicating she was never right, i rolled my eyes, i was tiered and drained i just wanted to sleep and maybe the storm will past

"you li..."

"it's a wedding dress" he said looking me dead in the eye... its for me.

"a wedding dress?" he nodded and looked at the floor. i felt my eyes starting to tear up, i stalled the lump in my through and closed my eyes for a couple of seconds i then open them glaring at the box

"Right" I said in a monotone voice as I got up took the box and went to the kitchen.

"where are you going?" he asked

"Somewhere" I walk into the kitchen chucking the box on the side grabbing a knife.

"lily" i heard Ethan's voice from the door way. i grabbed the knife tearing the perfectly wrapped box to shreds i then lifted a with dress that had pink tones running through it as soon as it was fully out of the box the train has pink flowers eroded into the dress. i dropped the dress and looked in the box for the card

"Stop" he pleaded me but I couldn't stop.

'You still have something that belongs to me . Bring it. Or one of you leaves in a body bag. - D' I read it over and over she was right its all my fault. The card was then snapped from my hand I turned to see Ethan looking at me with sadness in his eyes.

"She was right... she was fucking right... he thinks I'm his property his bloody doll" I said in anger and threw the box and dress on the floor. I started to cry.

"I'm the cause to this to everything to the shooting , to the breaking at your apartment for everything I'm the bloody reason!" I shouted I then felt his hands on my shoulders he turned me around touching my skin , his thumb creasing my check.

"stop this Lily you're the most true and real thing in my life how can you not see that this isn't your fault" he said searching my eyes

"stop Ethan please " i moved his hands away from my face. "if you stay with me ill kill you bit by bit. why I'm not altogether sure. but when your soar high ill drag you down"

"don't talk like that" he said uncertainty in his eyes

"ill stir up your anxiety just to be the one to soothe you and help you to find faults with anyone that competes for your attention. this is about as fair as i can be, it's your warning... i don't know why we thought we could do this in the first place... he would just hurt you"

"we're not talking about this now..." he said "you're only saying this because your scared and you're putting your walls up"

"But Ethan... I cant bare for you to get hurt it's my worst nightmare to see you get hurt I cant bare it and if I'm the cause of it..." tears kept falling out of my face and I couldn't stop them "i'm so sick of crying' I said more to my self than him.

"you could never hurt me Lily we will get through this" he said pulling me into a hug "we will i promised" he said into my hair i pulled back wanted to just go to bed

"Um tell everyone ill have plan tomorrow I can't think about it now..." I whipped the tears from my face he nodded and walked into the living room, I then heard my phone buzz.

'You'll get out alive, but will he ? Thats in your hands - D' I read it over I then chuffed my phone across the room causing it to smash into a thousand pieces.

"i'm so sick of this" i said to my self 

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