Chapter Three

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It has been three days.

Three days since Mattie or at least Uncle Dom called us. This has never happened before. I know it's kind of ridiculous that I have been waiting to see their name pop up on my phone. Andrea had to drag me out of our room because I was staring at the phone for the past 4 hours. Ever since my parents died, Mattie and Uncle Dom made it a point to contact us at least twice a day just to see how we were doing. You could say it was reassurance that the other person on the line was alright. Mind you, all four of us text each other like best of friends. I guess we are but, still, not hearing from them for the past few days is giving me some bad vibes.

"Suze, are you ready? We're leaving.", Andrea said as she picks up her bag and phone.

"In a minute". I've been thinking of different reasons why they wouldn't call me. And I have none. Even when they were busy, they would always send at least a smiley face to either me or Ethan.

"Girl, we are literally leaving. Everyone is downstairs. I had to pick you up since you weren't at the roll call this morning."

"Okay. I'm coming."

She rolled her eyes. Andrea knew that I didn't want to leave the room in case my brother or uncle calls our hotel phone. I know I must be crazy not to want to go and see The Louvre . But to be honest I am not.

"Finally!", she said as I was grabbing the hotel card and my bag. We ran to the elevator and quickly made our way to our class group. Everyone looked at me as Andrea and I made our way to the lobby.

"I'm sorry! I had to do something important", I said.

"Okay, now that everyone is here please stay with your group buddies and enter the van. Do not leave your group so that none of you will get lost. Are we clear?" explained my teacher.


My group consisted of my brother, Andrea and her boyfriend and two other people from my class. The drive to the museum was quiet. Well, it was noisy at one point, but I did not engage to any of my group's conversation and Ethan knew the reason so he asked them to be silent for a while.

An hour passed and I still was not talking. I was too worried about Mattie and my Uncle that I did not notice that I bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" , I said to the stranger.

"No, it's okay. I wasn't looking too", the stranger replied.

I looked to face the stranger and there was something that looked familiar about him. I can't remember what but it's like I've seen him somewhere before.

"Do I know you from somewhere?". I slowly looked at him from head to toe to see if his appearance would trigger my memory. To a passerby, I looked like I was checking him out but in a sense I was.

"No. Will you excuse me?", he left with a nod and exited the showroom. That's odd. I always remember people's faces even when I just met them once.

I walked back to the group with the nagging feeling in my head that I knew him from somewhere. My brother called out to me and we started lining up to enter the museum. I was actually excited to see different works of art from different centuries. I needed the distraction because I stressing myself out. Plus, I promised myself to have fun since this was a once in lifetime trip without any family supervision.

As we entered, Mr. Walsh told us that we were allowed to separate as long as we were with our group and that we would meet back by the entrance door. My group left and decided to do the visitor trails that they offer called the Masterpieces where they feature some works of famous artist. We started with the Venus de Milo. It was a long walk before we got to see the statue. We had to take different turns and an elevator to different floors. After 15 minutes, thanks to Jason's brilliant guiding, we finally arrived at the room where the famous statue was placed.

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