Number 1

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It's 10:53 pm on a Sunday night. You've already said goodnight to your parents and siblings. Your door is locked and they think you're sound asleep. You sit at your desk twirling a pen in your hand. You stare at the blank piece of paper as the tears refill your eyes for the fifth time tonight. You don't want to do it without writing a goodbye letter. You want to make sure your family knows why you did it. The tears fall onto the paper and you can't help the frustration as the droplets begin to ruin the paper. You crumble it up and break down even harder. You realize you can't write the letter, so you look in the mirror once more & watch as your final tear falls. Only a couple moments later your heart stops and the blood escapes your body to create a puddle on the floor. But nobody is going to care, right?

It's now 6:47 am Monday morning. Your mother waits downstairs in the kitchen to give you your lunch money. She's already late for work but she doesn't want you to stress about making lunch for yourself. She doesn't know what's taking you so long. She yells your name a couple times, but there's no response. She has no idea your cold dead body is lying in your bedroom. She thinks you slept in, so she runs up the stairs and knocks on your door. But still, there is no answer. She opens the door and screams, horrified. She runs to you and holds your body. The tears seem like a waterfall, everlasting. She sits there with you cradled in her arms for a good hour, until she has the strength to get up and call your father. Your father rushes home, and they cry together. They pick up your siblings from school and try to explain to them what has happened. Your older brother runs out of your room and into his. He slams the door. He thinks its all his fault. He's always picked on you, calling you names and starting arguments just to push your buttons. He punches his walls and allows the tears to pour out of him. Your little sister doesn't understand. 

But still...nobody cares...right?

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