and...waved ? I took my earphones out still clutching my phone.

??? : Hello, im sorry, i didnt mean to bother you but you just look so familiar

He took his hat off, turned it backwards, and smiled...those eyes ! that skin ! THAT SMILE ! it was the boy from hardrock cafe !!!

me: oh hey ! were'nt you at hardrock cafe this morning ?

??? : yeah thats right ! and you're that pretty girl i saw outside the restrooms (romantic right :P lol)

me: *blushes* yeah thats me :)

the mysterious boy put his ipod in his pocket and sat on the edge of the pool chair beside mine, facing me.

??? : So whats your name ??

me: I'm Mariah, and you are...?

??? : Chrestano, it's so nice to finally meet you

me: likewise

he smiled then looked off into the distance, the glowing pool, then up at the stars...."it's such a beautiful night" he said solemnly. "It sure it" i said studying him...he seemed so...peaceful. He must have known i was staring at him because he abruptly turned to look at me. "What are you looking at" he said chuckling, "well geez i could ask you the same thing from the way you were staring me down a few minutes ago" i said with a smirk. Chrestano began blushing really hard and looking embarressed, "im sorry, i just couldnt help it, your beautiful" his look of embarressment turned into a look of being in love. "thanks" i said, mesmorized by his warm brown eyes. I looked at the clock on my phone.. 2:03am. "Chrestano do you know what time it is ??" "hmm lets see" he looked at his G-shock "2:03am" he said it like it was no big deal.."why are you out here so late ?" i asked, "I don't know, i just love to come outside late at night when no ones around and take in everything. Everything becomes more beautiful...the trees smell so much sweeter, the air is crisper and clearer and eerything in nature is just so peaceful...i do this when i need to clear my thoughts..when im stressed. It helps me relax. Why are you out hear?" "same reason" we gazed into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. My heart started beating faster, i could feel it in my chest...i know it sounds cliche but i really do think this was a love at first sight kinda thing. I felt so in love and by the way he was looking at me, i could tell he felt the same way. Just then- our movie romance was brought to a screeching hault......

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