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The days passed quickly and it was now the day of Harry's surgery. As planned, Zayn, Liam, and Gemma were going to come stay with the boys while Harry was in hospital. Louis and Harry were currently feeding the boys lunch while waiting for their sitters to arrive.

"Remember what we told you boys? Daddy needs to go see Dr. Zoe for a little bit to get my ouchies taken care of and Papa is coming with me but we'll be back tomorrow. Uncle Zayn, Uncle Liam, and Aunt Gemma are going to come take care of you though." Harry both signed and spoke so both boys could understand. Ashton nodded and continued eating his cereal and toast but Niall wasn't having it. He pushed his food away and began crying as reached out for Harry. Harry cooed and picked him up as Louis knelt down beside them.

"What's wrong Ni Ni? Why the tears babe?"

"Don't want you and daddy to go and don't want daddy to get his ouchies fixed."

"We'll be back before you know it love, and don't you want to play with Uncle Zayn, Uncle Liam, and Aunt Gemma? You always have so much fun when they come over."

"Yeah but I want you to stay too, we all play together."

"Not this time love but next time I promise."

"Why does daddy need to go to hospital? What's wrong with him?" Louis looked at Harry for help, he wasn't quite sure how much he wanted to share with the boys. Luckily Harry saw Louis' look and stepped in.

"Papa and I want to make sure that we spend all of our time with you and Ash so I have to have surgery done to make sure it stays just you and Ash." Niall nodded even though he wasn't quite sure he understood. "Now are you going to be a good boy for Uncle Liam, Uncle Zayn, and Aunt Gemma?" He nodded again and Harry smiled before kissing his forehead and then Ashton's. The doorbell rang soon after and Harry went to answer it while Louis went to get Harry's bag to load it into the car. After all three babysitters were in the house Louis and Harry said goodbye and were on their way to hospital.

"Alright boys your daddy said it's time for your nap so let's go up to bed." Gemma told them. Ashton nodded and ran up the stairs while Niall reached up for her and clung to her shirt as they went upstairs. Once they were in the room Ashton was already laying down but Niall stayed attached to Gemma. "Baby what's wrong?"

"I want daddy and papa." He signed back without looking at her

"They'll be back tomorrow love. Maybe you can call your Papa tonight."

"What about daddy?"

"I don't think he'll be able to talk love." Niall sighed but nodded anyway and allowed Gemma to tuck him in.

Ashton woke up about an hour later and went downstairs to play but Niall continued to sleep. They decided to just let him wake up on his own but another hour and a half passed so Zayn finally went to wake him up. He shook him awake and when Niall finally opened his eyes he began crying and immediately went into Zayn's arms and cuddled into him.

"Why the tears babe?" But Niall just continued to cry so Zayn just cuddled him and carried him downstairs. He calmed down a bit during dinner but he didn't eat much. He had a few bites of his pizza and drank his juice but that was it.

"Don't you want a little more pizza?" Liam tried but Niall just shook his head and reached out for him to pick him up. Liam sighed but lifted Niall out anyway. When Niall was finally in his arms Liam gasped and put his hand against Niall's forehead.

"He's burning up guys, I think that's why he's so clingy today." He said before looking at Niall. "Are you not feeling well love?" Niall just shook his head as tears formed in his eyes again. Liam just cooed and rocked him a bit, he knew they were going to be in for a long night.

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, I was out with a mate all day.

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