Chapter 14

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From Dot: It's still Cody so please don't get mad, but I really need to dig deep with Cody if that makes any sense, he's really important. *hint hint*

Cody POV

I snap out of the alphas gaze and I turn to run the other direction. My sneakers slide against the newly buffed floor and I take a moment to glance back which I really regret. The alphas large curved body chases me down the hall and I begin to pick up my speed. I make a sharp left in hopes that the alpha wont be able to turn that fast with its large bulky figure. I curse under my breath as I'm proved wrong and I keep on running. I feel a gust of air pressure lift off me and my speed begins to pick up immensely. I frown as I feel a familiar tingle in my fingers and I let out a sigh of relief. I prepare myself as I feel my magic reviving itself inside my body. I rack my brain for the only spell I've learnt and actually performed right, which is actually just one.

"Et transferam vos in terram." I mutter to myself before turning on my heels and dropping to my knees as I face dead lock with the alpha. I pound my fists into the ground and I let out a sharp breath. I watch as the floor mends beneath my fists and thrusts the alpha in the opposite direction. The alpha flies through the air and crashes through the window with a loud clamber. I jump up to my feet with surprise and pump my fist in the air.

"Hell yeah." I say to myself, I hear the roar of the alpha boom through the school, "Oh shit." I say to myself, I just pissed off the alpha and I have a feeling like that burst of magic was a one time thing. I'm so screwed. I turn and begin rushing down the hall, I run down a large staircase and jump over the last few steps. I shove myself through two large metals doors and I find myself in a large room that is possibly the lobby. I let out a gasp as someone wraps there arms around me and I quickly jump in surprise and step aside. I look over to see it was Bella who had made a sad attempt at a hug.

"I thought you were a goner kid." Bella says to me in a slightly lessening tone.

"Ok so I understand this is your sister but who's this guy?" I hear a female voice ask, I turn to face group with Scott and Stiles and three other people that I don't recognize.

"This is Cody, he's a family friend." Scott replies to the brunette of the three. There is one with cupcake tinted hair and a confident persona. Then next to her is a blonde boy with a scarily sharp jaw line. And then there is the pale brunette with long dark curls. Bella informs me that the cupcake girl is Lydia and the jaw line one is Jackson and the pale one is Alison.

"Ok can we go now?" Lydia asks the group. Everyone's answers are unheard as a loud clambering sounds from the ceiling. The noise gets louder and closer to us and I feel as if it's right above-

"Run!" I hear Scott yell and I do just that, only this time I go in the right direction and I follow behind the group. I race up the stairs and try my best not to trip over my own foot. The alpha makes a loud noise as he falls through the ceiling and onto the lobby floor. His pounding beast like foot steps motivate me to run faster. Scott turns into a large room and we all follow after him. I help Scott shut the door as Jackson begins moving chairs and stacking them in front the large metal doors. What is with this school and metal doors? It's like a prison. Everyone begins talking over each other while I continue to stack chairs in front of the door.

"Hello!" I hear Stiles voice boom throughout the room. I spin around in surprise to look at him. "Ok, nice work really beautiful job everyone. Now what should we do about the twenty foot wall of windows?" Stiles says as he opens his arms up to acknowledge the large wall of glass windows.

"Can someone please explain to me what is going on here because I am really freaking out." Allison says breathlessly, "And I would like to know why." She turns to Scott with hope. Scott gives her a thoughtful expression before walking over to the other side near Stiles.

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