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(Just so we are clear this is like a days in the future) A Secretary whispered "they're ready" in the man's ear whom was in a black suit. He clapped his hands as he said "Bring in the monster" Raphael walked in from around the corner of the room filled with Gadgets and such. "Woah oh oh Amazing!" Raph gave the man a look. "Nice! Come here big fella.." "Who you callin' fella?" "And it can TALK!" then he looked behind himself and he sighed. "Y/N please come here." Raph called you. "No!" "Yes!" "no!" "YES!" Raph came back around the corner and picked you up and brought you to the 6'1 man. The man looked at you with confusion. "Who's this?" "She's (Raph quoted with his fingers) The monster. you speak of." "nooo (The man sounding like a sarcastic 'No' but it wasn't)." "Raph i'm scared." "Oh you don't need to be scared. We won't hurt you." "Its not you i'm afraid of." The man looked up at Raphael. "Is it him?" "No.." "then what are you scared of then." he asked as he bent down to your level. you looked away as you grabbed your arm and then you look at him straight in the eyes with your eyes sparkling from the LED lights on the ceiling. you looked down at your hand remembering what you've done. The flashback of a person you slashed open in public in front of everyone. Although you were in your mutant form so no one really knew who you were. Your eyes watered as tears fell. "Raphael i wanna go home. I Don't wanna be here." you looked up at him pleading. "Y/N..You know you can't do that." "You just don't want me to." "Its not safe." "You mean I'm not safe." He looked away as he exhaled through his nose. "So whats your story." he asked Raphael. Raph rose a brow as the man. "we are here for her, Not me." "Are you human too and just in your mutant form?" "No." "OH So your a mutant 24/7." "Just shut up and help her please." the man moved up his glasses with his index finger. "alright come with me.." He extended his arm with his hand flat. You two entered an interrogation room. Raphael watched from the mirror window. He put a tablet on the metal table as he was sitting in his chair and pressed the touch screen to start recording. "So how are you?" "I feel alright i guess." "you guess? Are you assuming your alright. Or are you actually angry or sad." You looked over to the mirror knowing Raph was watching you, you could feel his eyes watching you. "are you a therapist?" "Sort of. I majored in it. But no i'm not." "What are you." "I'm with the CIA. I help those who pay me but your friend seems to have the Key to the city sooo (He quoted with his fingers) ""I guess"" you could say its free." (yea yea yea i know that it most likely wouldn't work that dat) you looked at him, noticing little things on him. The mole on his forehead, The hanky in his front pocket, his extra long hair out of the mustache he'd grown. Your eyes flashed a purple in them. He noticed this. "What are you feeling at this very moment." "nothing really." "You sure?" "yea why?" "nothing, i just don't think anything is wrong with you." He said casually trying to trigger your emotions to see how you react. "excuse me?" "Oh i just don't think there's anything here. I think your just..mental." "You think i'm mental?!" "Yes and i want to know why you murdered this little girl.." He showed you a picture of a little girl in her Hello kitty pajamas smiling with her eyes closed and wearing twin braids. "I didn't murder her.." "tell me.. What was it like. To have you hands covered in human." "I did not murder her.." "What was it that drove you to feel the need to kill." your voice grew out of impatience with this man. "I did not murder her." "Yeaaa ( he put his hands together on the table as he leaned in) I don't believe you." You slammed your hands with your fangs grown out again and your eyes neon purple "I DID NOT MURDER HER!" He crossed his legs with a tilt of his head as he put his hands together. "So when did all this start?" You looked at him surprised. He's so Cool and collected. Not afraid of you. You sat down with your claws retracting and your teeth shrinking. It took your eyes a bit to come back to their Hue. You breathed heavily through your mouth and exhaled through your nose as your chest relaxed. It started when I was coming back from the old farm house with Raphael and (you were gonna say the others but you didn't know if that information was necessary) and stuff. And I just blacked out. My friend Donnie thinks its a With Drawl from the retro Mutagen that was injected into me." "retro mutegan?" " turns people into their ancestral DNA." "And what is yours." you looked at Raph through the mirror then back at him "I don't know." He was looking at you waiting for something else. But to you it felt like his eyes were looking through your clothes. It was creepy. "Did..I really kill that little girl?" you sulked with your eyes pleading a no to come from his lips. "No, i just needed to trigger your nerves." Your eyes narrowed a bit but relaxed 1 second later. "So tell me what your last fews days have been like?" "well..(~~FlashBack~~) You were walking around NYC up top with April and Casey. April & Casey were an unofficial Thing. You saw a man come out of an Apple store with a bag and a gun. You were scared as you stood in fear and tugged on April's jacket. "April.." you pointed as you couldn't speak. Casey looked over to where you were pointing at it. "Finally! Some action.." Casey walked up to the man and tapped his shoulder three times. "excuse me sir, but i don't think those belong to you." "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" the robber yelled at casey as he threw a punch at Casey. Casey dodged it and punched the man in the diaphragm. the man dropped the bag and crunched his body to the pavement. Casey picked up the bag and bowed to the public that was adoring him with claps. you looked up at April who had a glow in her eyes and a big smile. you nudged her arm with your elbow. She giggled as she blushed knowing what you were implying. You smiled as you watched Casey give the cute blond who worked at the Apple Store the bag of goodies. With that we were off to our daily life. You saw an elderly woman being picked on by younger and bigger men. You wanted to continue walking and ignore it but you just couldn't. "HEY!" you yelled down the alley. The one man who had the lady's collar in his hand looked at you then smirked "Leave her alone!" "Well looky what we got here, a little street mouse."Your gonna regret interrupting us. especially your sweet tight ass." You gulped softly as your teeth cringed. you looked behind yourself hoping casey and april were still here but they weren't. April was to caught up in casey to realize were gone. And well Casey, he's kinda self involved XD You looked back at the two men. "Cemme 'ere sweet thing." one called. "We won't hurt you..much." Once one of them grabbed your arm you yourself blacked out as your reptilian form took over. Your fangs grew as your short nails became daggers and your skin changed color along with your pupils turned red like lasers and your eyeris bold purple. Your tail grew out and busted through the jean fabric of your shorts. You looked at the man with your mouth opened and drooling. "AWE HELL NAH! I aint dealing with this shit again, turtles all over again." "I'm out!" the man told the other as they ran away. You smiled as you crouched down to the floor ready to run after them. You sprinted off as a piece of rubble left from underneath your left shoe. You watched them climb and collapse on the other side of the Iron Wire fence. they looked behind them to see you Charging at them from the other side. You legit crawled up the fence and down the other side like a gecko as you crawled on the floor and then stood up. you watched them stutterly get up from the ground they fell onto as they tripped and ran away into the streets. You followed them into the roads and jumped over cars as they would run into the cars. You then jumped 5 feet in front of them which made cars stop and two crash. you stopped them as your body was in the shape of a panther about to pounce at their pray. Your eyes narrow, your teeth dripping drool as you slowly walked up to them on all fours. Your cornered them as you stood up on your heign legs as your face was closing in on the biggest one watching him sweat like a river. You looked up to the roofs feeling eyes on you as you saw someone bigger than you watching you. You ignored them and picked up the man by his throat with your mouth opening and licking your teeth. You were taller than the man; so he was definitely off the ground. The turtle parkoured off the building and down to where you were. He ran over to you and jumped over the cars to get to you. "How did you know where to find me, Raph." "April called me. She said you were missing. So i came looking for you." You looked at him in the corner of your eye. "Well i'm fine. so you can go." "Y/N..Put him down.." You just held the man by his neck "Yes..*choking* put the man down." The Man himself said. "You don't have a say." You said as you tightened your grip. "Hey did wrong, He must pay. With his life.." You smiled as you brought the man closer and licked the sweat off his cheek with your extended tongue. "Y/N..Listen to me-" "I'm done listening." you told him as you snapped your neck over to where Raph was. You then turned your neck back over to the one man you held and bite into his neck as you felt his blood trickle down your throat and off your chin. You then bit his head off as his head was still in your mouth. you dropped his body and then spit his head off into a different direction. "Y/N!!" Raphael Screamed at you. You looked over at him with your eye reddened and your lips quivering. "Raphael...(you look down at your hands and then took your clean finger and wiped it across your lips to see Blood) What have I done.." Your appearance as fading away as your were becoming human. raph panicked and picked you up as he ran and ran away from the crowd you were surrounded by. He dropped your body softly onto the alley pavement. You rocked your body to try and comfort yourself. "I didn't do that, i didn't do that, I didn't do that, I didn't do that." you rocked yourself into a repetitive trance of words. You then cried and sobbed. "Ra-aph what have i be-become. I'm a Monster!" You screamed as loud as you could. "I'm done with life, It sucks. Nothing goes your way, no matter how hard you try. You fail once your think you learn but you don't. Cause you keep making those mistakes." Raphael kneeled down as he took you into his arms. He was kinda hesitant though from seeing you tear off a mans head. You looked up at him with your face splattered with Blood and flesh. "NO! Don't even.." you told him as you stood up and walked down the alley. He stood up and watched you walk away. You turned the corner as you looked down the alley to see him gone. You walked down the street with your hands covering your mouth and cheeks. "hey sweet thing, why don't you come on over." "Bend over." another man said cat calling you. you took your hands off your face and showed him your bloodied face and stared at the man. "dah fuck!" one commented. "youz ugly!" You without knowing raph was following you on the rooftops. You fast walked around people on the sidewalk to get to your dad's apartment. You walked passed the front door guard who was playing on his phone. While the other was texting. You walked past the front desk and went up the stairs. everyone usually takes the elevator. its best if no one saw you like this. You unlocked the door to your dad's apartment to see your mom and dad talking on the couch. You panicked. You ran into the bathroom before your mom could say anything. You put your hair up in a messy bun (If you have man short hair you just put a hair band on to keep the hair out of your face) and shot your face with the water coming out of the detachable shower head. You then dried your face off with towel and walked out of the bathroom. Your mom walked over to you and gave you a big loving hug. "Hey mom :D" you smiled big "Oh baby i've missed you. (She pulls away keeping her hands on your shoulders) How are you?" "I'm alright." you lied. She looked at your face as you could tell because of her pupils moving around scanning your face. "Whats on your face." He licked her thumb and rubbed your chin. She put her thumb in her mouth. "Blood.." she turned around to look at your dad. "What have you been doing! Are you even paying attention to her!" 'pfft no..' you thought. "She's coming with me." She put her hand on your shoulder as she was the same height as you were. "what.." you asking for clarification. "Your living with me now. My work is farther than NYC so you'll be living in Romania, Transylvania with me for awhile. At least until we reach Transylvania, Biertan." You stood their staring at her. 'What about raphael. What about the others. MY life here. Its changed and i love it' you thought as your heart broke. "I don't wanna go." you told her. "Oh your going! Your not staying here." She said sternly. "My life has changed in a good way since i've been here. I'm not leaving. And i have a boyfriend for about a year now." "I'm your mother. No boy is gonna keep you here." Tears were building up "YOUR BOTH HORRIBLE!" you yelled as you used the window to climb out of the house. You ran up to the roof as you used your tiny weak human strength to jump to the next building and the one after that and hid behind a shed on the roof. You leaned against it as you heard your mom cry for you "Y/N! Y/N M/N L/N! COME HERE!" you felt the need to go back but your body said no. You just sat their breathing and listening. You then turned your head to your right to see Leo sit next to you. "Oh hey Leo." you hugged him as you felt like you were leaving NYC now and you'd never see him again. H-hey y/n, you alright." You squeezed him before you let go. you sighed " not really. My mom wanted me to go to Romania with her." "Isn't that in Europe?" "-exhale- yea." "You won't see us anymore though." he pointed out. "Yea i know..Especially Raphael. I dont wanna go." "did you tell her." "That i'm dating a mutant turtle or not wanting to leave." you jokingly serious. "heh i meant the not leaving." Yea i did, she didn't take it well. I swear when it comes to parents, they think they're doing whats best but they just don't understand cause they aren't you." "Yea i understand, But its only cause they love you." You let your head fall against the wooden wall behind you. Raphael arrived as he took the long way for exercise. He saw Leo's foot and sword hang out the side of the shed. Raphael jumped the small gaped buildings to see you on the other side of where leo was. "Y/N.." he simply put. "Oh hey babe. Listen i'm sorry for running off. I was just-" "its really ok, dont sweat it." He stopped you with his words and the gesture of his hand. you smiled without your teeth showing. Leo looked at you and then raphael then you. "So what are you going to do." "I wanna move in with you guys and not tell my parents. Not like my dad's gonna care. But i'm so not moving to Romania with my mom." "Wait what?" Raphael asked. You sighed "My mom wants me to move to Romania and i just can't. I have you guys, and you Raphael as my boyfriend. I have a life here. And i also have a problem that needs to be fixed. This mutation thing is getting out of control." "I got an idea." Leo suggested. You and Raph looked at him interested. *~Present day~* "Thats it." you told the Man in black with your hands on the table. "I see.. Well wait here. I'll be back." *45 minutes later* The man walked by the mirror window to see Raph was in the chair you were sitting and you were on the metal table talking to him. He walked in through the door, walked through, closed it. He walked over to where raph was and sat a contract down. "So this specifies that everything. The side effects. This contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable at law as a binding legal agreement. I'm making an offer to fix your involuntary actions and mutation as you will let me keep the mutagen in return since your not paying me." "And you will get rid of this mutant side of me." "Absolutely." You picked up the pen and just touched the paper "you promise." U asked as you looked up at him. "I promise." He put his hand on his jacket pocket. You looked at him waiting for something. U werent sure what then ur eyes looked down at the paper and signed it with sharp black ink. He took the paper and escorted you out into the hall and into next room. Everything was so grey and shiney. Chrome was also everywhere too. Black thin carpeting everywhere. You could hear the mans shoes click through the carpeting it was so thin. You were gettin kinda sick thinking about whats gonna happen. Alright just take a seat on the table and the doctor will be in. "Doctor..?" "Scientist doctor. He's also a surgeon." You were scared of whats gonna happen. You sat on the table swinging your feet. Raph stood next to you as his hand was resting on the table which made his bicep looked bigger. A lady came in; in a white lab coat. She was an Asian with short hair length that only stopped at the middle of her throat. Her face flawless and her eyes fairly big. Not american big though. Pouty lips covered in gloss. "Hello I'm dr. Higerashi (hig-ur-ah-sh-ee) and ill be doing some procedures." "I will be under, right?" "Absolutely. We're not monsters. (You smiled) I'll make sure you get two doses of anesthesia. You wont feel a thing. (She puts a clip board on the metal desk) please lie down." You closed your eyes and thats all you remembered. To be continued.

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