chapter 12

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When I opened my eyes, it's already saturday. And I realized I woke up at 8am. Why did I wake up so early? I groaned and wanted to go back sleep but then I remember,

Today Jungkook and I will go together

Eventhough I didn't know where we're going yet, but I felt excited to go with him. I hoped today went well.

I quickly stood up from my bed and took a shower. After I finished, I went to my wadrobe to choose the outfit for today. I wanted to look good in front of him.

I chose to wear my black crop tee and denim hotpants. It's simple but still atractive I guess. While waiting for jungkook, I got bored in my bedroom so I went downstairs. And there were taehyung and jimin sitting on the kitchen.

"Hey eunseung" , Jimin greeted me first. Memories from last night haunted me. He's such a sweetheart.

"Eyy eunseung! Come here, let's eat breakfast", taehyung greeted me.

I went to sit across taehyung and beside jimin, "good morning" , I smiled to them and took a bread.

"How's your sleep?" , Jimin asked me.

"I slept well, you?" , I asked back while smiling to him.

"Not really, I kept thinking about someone" , he smiled back to me and ruffled my hair. No, don't. Your smile is contagious. And who was he talking about? Was he thinking about me?

"Hey what's wrong with you two? You're acting like i'm not here" , taehyung joined the conversation.

"Nothing, tae. Anyway I have to go back" , Jimin said to both of us.

"Why? Can't you stay here and play all day with me?" , taehyung whined to him.

"I can't tae.. I have to meet someone" , he chuckled. Oh I just remembered, he also had date with jungyeon. I bet taehyung also forgot about this.

"See! Jimin ditches me" , taehyung whined because he didn't really have anything to do.

"You can call sungjae to come" , I suggested him. Sungjae was our cousin and he lived not really far from our house.

"Oh yeah great idea! Wait I'll call sungjae first" , taehyung went to his room to call sungjae. I was left alone with Jimin.

"So.. you want to go back now?" , I broke the silence.

"Not right now, maybe ten more minutes" , he replied.

"Oh okay, have fun with jungyeon later", I patted his shoulder.

He smiled bitterly, "yeah, are you going somewhere?" , he's looking at my outfit. Which was not like my outfit if I wanted to stay at home. Not that baggy t-shirt.

"Emm yeah"

"With jungkook?" , he guessed correctly. Of course, who else would it be? The possibilities are just jihyo, jungyeon, or jungkook. Knowing jihyo had her own boyfriend to go with her on saturdays.

I nodded my head, "yes, we'll go to the mall this noon"

He patted my head softly, "have fun to you too" , he showed me his charming eye-smile.

Taehyung went back to the kitchen and we continued eating our breakfast. Jimin left after ten minutes. He needed to get ready afterall. I hoped jimin and jungyeon had a great day. I hoped my day went well too. It's always exciting to go somewhere with jungkook, we would spend so much times together and went back home late. Taehyung didn't really mind when I was with jungkook. But he still texted me to make sure I was safe. He's protective.

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