Life After Death

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Life after Death, by Seb Jenkins.  

The book is now finished, thanks to everyone who helped :) please read, vote, comment, share and enjoy!

So far it has been up to #33 out of all Horror stories on here, and NOW at 25,000 reads/ 6,500 votes!

About the author-

Seb Jenkins is a 20 year old student from Bedfordshire, England. His recent works are described as dark, gritty, and atmospheric which he attributes to a lifetime of immersing himself in endless horror books and gore-fuelled tv shows/films. When he isn't writing, you can find him banging his head slowly against a brick wall, or desperately trying to think of that best selling idea he came up with at 3am last night.
As of 2015, Seb is currently attending the University of Kent to study journalism and hopes to carve a career out of his passion for writing.

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Life After Death ✔ (Editing)
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Death After Death #2
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