We all walked to the rows. There was a row for boys and a row for girls. Mrs. Sanders, a teacher from my school, was the person in control of this. "Hello children. I am Mrs. Sanders. I rule the baby project. These children you are caring for are children we found. Once you and your partners go to your house there will be a note on the fridge. It will tell you where to find the baby room. Now for partners. Ana Morce and Luis Mathews. Sophie Lane and Mark Flores. Amanda Henry and Danny Winders. Alex Cain and Damien Stud. Last but not least..... Jordan Nole and Marcus Dawn. The girls will get a text saying what house you are in. Good luck." And she walked away.

SHE JUST PUT ME WITH MARCUS!!!!!!! MARCUS FREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough with that. I am going to get my phone. I reached in my back pocket and got my phone. We live in house 803. The house is huge. It is a three story house. It was a baby blue with stones making a path to the door. It was amazing. I walked in the house and saw a pink couch with pink teddy bears on it. The carpet was pink and fluffy. There was a note on the fridge that told us the babies room was on the third floor. I did not tell Marcus and ran upstairs. I saw a door that was bright pink and had teddy bears on it. Big purple wooden letters spelled out PRINCESSES. I looked into the door and could not believe my eyes. We had.....

A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger. I know what they get stuck with but I want to see if any one can guess. Some of the words give it away. VOTE, COMMENT, AND GUESS. Who will win? The first person to get it right will be in the book.

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