Saphira the Mighty Faery Dog

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Saphira and Cian sat together on a dune and watched Eolande where she was collecting shells

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Saphira and Cian sat together on a dune and watched Eolande where she was collecting shells. The Faery Dog had used her magic to dress her ward in watertight shoes and pants.

<To see her so close the sea makes me uncomfortable,> Saphira said softly.

'Why? The Selkies won't be a problem again. She even looks better to me after her underwater adventure,' Cian said.

<Something about the ocean does not feel right.>

'Since when?'

<About two days.> Saphira slowly exhaled. <It has been a week since the thing with the Selkies. Perhaps I was too hasty to help them. Perhaps I should have destroyed them all and saved Eolande like that.>

'And maybe that would've caused worse trouble.'

<I –>

A sudden purple light on the beach cut off her words. Both ran down to Eolande. She looked at them surprised.

'My father expects me in Faerie. He says that it's important.'

<Well, I cannot take you. Not after the fiasco with the festival,> Saphira said. Faolan MacKeltar could come to the human realm if he wanted to see his daughter so badly.

'I want to go, Saphira.'

<Not alone.>

'I'll accompany her. I'll take good care of her,' Cian said.

The Faery Dog sighed. <I will be here when you return. Just do not stay there forever, please. I know that time flows differently there, but I do not want to stay here for weeks like an idiot.'

Eolande whooped and threw her arms around Saphira.

<Alright, alright. Go already,> she said uncomfortably.

Eolande went to stand next to Cian and they disappeared moments later.

Saphira sighed and kicked the sand.

Immediately the ocean started to tremble. Saphira looked up sharply. She glared at the water mass. She hadn't caused the quakes.

The sea retreated from the land and Saphira knew that something was terribly wrong. She ran into the ocean and gave herself webs and gills to better swim and breathe.

Immediately she took the direction to the sea witch's nest. The Faery Dog could feel the fear of the denizens of the sea as they hid between seaweed and coral reefs.

She swam against the currents, through the hazy water despite the fact that her eyes were burning and she couldn't see where she was swimming. Saphira was surprised to see the algae green sea witch standing on top of her cave. Her black eyes were staring deep into the sea. A sick feeling took possession of the Faery Dog.

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