Chapter 1

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Natalie's POV


I got up off my chair and picked up my coffee following other staff members to the counseling/ meeting room.

"Might wanna get some more sleep this time sweet peas." I turn around and saw Jon starring at me.

I rolled my eyes. He then puts an arm around my shoulder.

"Come on, you know I hate when you roll your eyes at me." He tightens his grip and whispers in my ear.

"Ugh! Get over your self ass hole!" I push him.

He chuckles then winks at me.

I enter the meeting room and saw Eva and a few others. I sat beside Joe and Eva.

"Hey." Eva smiles.

"Hi." I smile back. Eva and I kinda got back into a friendship after a fight we had over something... She can't be trusted any more, atleast not by me.

I look to my side and saw Joe. We smile at each other and he side hugs me. Jon sits beside Joe, Colby's next.

"What's up Nat!" Colby greets me. I high five with him.

"How was your break?" I ask him.

"Man if only it was longer." He says.

"Oh mine was good too thanks for asking." Jon says sarcastically.

Joe and Colby chuckle.

"I'd care if you were more like Joe and Colby who I still find hard to believe are actually friends with your dumb ass." I smirk.

"Ouch." He shakes his head.

I shrug.

"Alright! Every body settled in." Hunter begins.

Once everyone is settled in and sits down we all pay attention to the boss.

"Okay. So we have come to a conclusion as to how we are going to be getting this done easier and simpler around here." Stephanie, his wife starts.

"The chief has agreed with us and we are going to pair you guys up." Hunter adds.

I look at Ashely across the room. She smirks.

Ashely's my best friend since the fourth grade! I really hope I can partner up with her. She's really good at her job, and she's my best friend!!

"Some of you might not be with your category. For example, a police officer can pair up with a CSI, or detectives with Deputies, FBI agents with detectives or CSI agents or officers, and so on." Stephanie explains.

" I will pass around the papers as to who you are partnered up with." Hunter starts passing the papers down.

When I got mine I started scanning it for my name.

"I hope everyone's happy with there partners because well your gunna keep them and no-"

"WHAT!" I shout, unaware that I just cut off the boss.

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