Mates part 2

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Just as Xander jumped on Jordan, Logan jumped on Xander, saving Jordan by inches. Xander growled in anger and turned to bite him, when Logan growled, " My daughter is unconscious and I will appreciate if you keep your wolf in control. Else i'll throw you both out...mate or not. "

Jordan mumbled an apology , while Xander growled lowly, but then sighed in defeat. Just as Jordan was about to sit next to Sara, Xander pushed him back and stood in front of him, growling lowly. " Stay away from her " 

Jordan looked at Logan and he said, " He is her mate." Jordan looked shocked, but then nodded and went to sit at the couch in the room. He kept his head down so that no one could see the disappointment in his eyes. He truly loved Sara, but he knew mate bond was much stronger than this, and he didn't want Sara to decide between them. He would obviously back down.

Xander sat stiffly on one side of Sara. On the other side sat Sam and Jackson. At the couch, which was at the other end, sat Jordan. Logan sat next to Xander, but in between he would get up to pace around, and then come sit back. Martini took the girls to clean the house while Micheal took it to bid farewell to the guests.

The pack doctor came in between to check on her, sweating profusely seeing so 2 alphas sitting there. He tried to tell them that she is fine and is just taking rest but they growled at him to get out. So he just left, keeping a glass of water next to Sara knowing that she would be waking any time now.

After some time, the door suddenly opened, and in came Laura. Her mood immediately lifted up and she happily sat next to him. Jordan looked surprised at her boldness as she came in with just a shirt and sat down next to him.

" Hi, I'm Laura. " She said softly

Jordan looked at her for sometime and as he was about to reply, Xander spoke, " did you hurt my mate Laura ?" He asked in a low voice.

" I- I din't mean to.... my wolf lost control when she saw our mate with her. " She whispered

" Mate ???!!! I-I'm your mate?? " Jordan asked shocked, as he remembered Laura saying "mine" just before she fainted. 

Laura nodded shyly, while Jordan thought how his and Sara's life took a complete u-turn.

Xander growled lowly at that. He knew what Laura did was because of her wolf but she hurt his mate !

Just then Martini and the girls came back, which included Jordan's mother. She rushed to hug him and stood next to him.

" Doc said the medicines would be almost worn out and Sara would be getting up anytime now. " Logan nodded , as everyone shifted to accumulate the crowd in the small room. 

The pack doctor came in a minute later and sighed as he saw the crowd. Without saying anything this time, he went and checked on her pulses. 

At the same time, Sara started to stir. Everyone bent forward as she shifted a little and slowly opened her eyes, jerking back into the bed as she suddenly saw so many faces.

" Sara sweetie how are you feeling ? " Martini asked. Sara stayed quiet for something, still adjusting with the environment.

" S-Sara ?? " Logan asked softly as others waited in anticipation for her response.

Sara finally spoke, which almost made her family faint, " W-who are you ? "








Sara burst out laughing looking at everyone's pale faces. Then she hissed as there was a throbbing pain in her head.

 " Careful .." Xander said as he kept a hand behind her head and helped her to sit. Sara hardly paid attention to him as she immediately opened her eyes, " dad....Jordan...are you ok " She asked worriedly, ignoring the growling coming from her side.

 Jordan rushed to her side, ignoring two growls and held her hand. " I'm are you? I'm so sorry I couldn't help you." He said softly as he caressed her head.

" It's not your mistake Jordan...b-but what was that? "

" That was me and I'm sorry but could you get away from MY MATE " Laura said grinding her teeth.

" Laura she - " Jordan was interrupted from the Xander's growl. " GET AWAY FROM HER BASTARD " Jordan immediately left Sara and Laura stood next to him, seething with jealousy.

" Hey you can't tell him what to do " Sara said angrily turning to the man who growled. Her breath got caught at the beautiful being . She stared wide eyes at his broad figure, black eyes and ticked off jaw. Who was he ? Her eyes roamed over his face as she just couldn't get enough from one look. She didn't realise that she was staring at him from a long time because when she looked back into his eyes, it was a bluish shade and he had a goofy smile on his face. Sara immediately looked down and blushed.

Xander's all anger melted the minute he realised that Sara was checking him out. His face had a goofy smile and it even broadened when Sara blushed. 'Mate likes us '  his wolf dreamily sighed and he agreed.

" How's your head ? " He asked so sweetly that Sara doubted whether he was even angry seconds ago or not.

" I-It's fine " she said softly. " Who are you ?"

" I am Alpha Xander... of Elysian pack. " He said proudly.

" Sam's pack...right ?" Sam nodded and came forward to look at her.

Soon her family members came forward and gave her hugs even though she kept on saying that it was a minor hurt.

The pack doc stood at the back, waiting for the family to get over with Sara so he could start examining her. After 10 minutes, her family left, leaving back Xander, Logan and Sam. Asking few questions to Sara, he said that she was absolutely fine.

" Dad, can you stay for some time ? " Sara asked as they started to go so that she could rest. Logan immediately nodded and went to her side while Sam pulled out a reluctant Xander. When the door closed, Xander kept his ears on the door to listen to the conversation.

" Xander.....we should go.... " Sam said amused.

" B-but I should be with her...not Logan. "

" No need to get jealous man....he's her father...lets go or she might not be happy. " Xander reluctantly nodded and left.


" Dad...w-whats going on? "

" E-er welllllll...... Jordan and you can't marry be - "

" Wh-what ? "

" Oh no sweety.... don't cry...its because you both have found your mates. Alpha Xander is your mate while Laura is his....her wolf lost its control and so attacked you....I wanted to so badly punish her.....but no one can bare losing their mate to some one else. "

" B-but dad I love Jordan .....It would be difficult for me to suddenly love Xander or see Jordan with someone else."

" I know...but Xander will love you more than anyone.....even you will find a strange connection with him. It may take time since you are a human...but trust is the most lovely feeling. Xander will never force you to love him.... He may be the strongest but he is good at heart. He will just be - er - a bit possessive, but if he troubles you, call me. " Sara smiled and hugged him tightly.

" A bit possessive ? Dad.... I know alpha's are the most possessive ones. "

Logan sighed. " We'll always be there to help you..but I can already tell that Xander loves you. "


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