I “woke up” and came back to reality from my vision with a headache. It feels like I am constantly having those. I was on the floor of the same hallway that I was in before when fighting with Julius and that guard. I look over to find Sylvia when I see her leaning over a now awake Julius. Hissing something in his ear.

    “-will never be able to control her. She is like nothing I’ve ever seen before...” She looked up from whispering furiously in his ear to smile at me,

“No, Sylvia! What are you doing?” I exclaimed, she was the one saying he couldn't know how different I was, but she just kept going. Rambling on and on and smiling like a girl who's just won the lottery.

    “She’s from the prophecy, and we have brought you down.” She smiled triumphantly but he shook his head, now smiling back at her like she was just a pawn in his game. 

    “Oh, I'm not the person from the prophecy.” He said, and Sylvia blinked at him in surprise. Obviously she had been sure he was someone important in this 'prophecy' that they keep talking about. “Thanks for telling me tho, I wasn't really sure if it could be her, but now I know.” With a final smile out of him, Sylvia looked like a deflated balloon. All of the earlier confidence and threat she had been broadcasting earlier had just been blown out of her. Julius glanced behind her, and a huge guard came out and picked Sylvia up one handed by her long wavy hair. She shrieked in pain, feeling folicles of her hair getting ripped out of her skull. She spun herself around to face her attacker, and kicked him directly in the nuts before I could even stand up to help. He did not fall to the ground, but instead let out a howl and back handed her across the face with his other hand, causing her to spin and fall into Julius’s arms. He glanced at the trickle of blood running down her face from her nose and dripping onto his arm. His eyes widened with desire as he lifted her delicately towards him and took a bite from her arm. Sucking from her, again. 

    “NO!” I shrieked and launched my mind at him with all my might. He didn’t stand a chance, as I threw him against the guard. Together, they landed in a heap on the floor. I picked up Sylvia, had her positioned so she was clinging to my back, and ran. I ran and ran as fast as I could through the corridors and hallways of the palace. It was sheer luck that we didn't pass any other people while I sprinted, panting heavily and bleeding heavily from my side. We reached the end of a hallway and found a staircase. I climbed as high as I could, ignoring the different doors I could have entered to go onto a differnt floor.I kept going and going until I got to the very top floor in a tower. I opened the door to run into the chest of the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life.

        “Well well, look what we have here.” He said, his eyes grazing over our bodies, assessing them. Not in the perverted way that most vampires do, more like a worried way when he took in how our bodies were so bloodied and bruised. I don't even bother answering, instead just limping past him, just dragging Sylvia with me. I plopped her her on the straw mattres that was on the floor.

"Your pretty strong for a human huh?" He said. The truth was, that was another thing I could do. I just figured it out a few seconds ago while climbing the stairs. It would be impossible for any normal person to carry someone else as fast and long as I just did while having a rib poking out of their side. Why was this list of abnormalties getting longer and longer?

"Yeah I guess, who are you?" I was panting and there was not time for small talk, Julius was out searching for us and I needed to know if Sylvia and I were safe with this guy. I was having a hard time focusing on speaking when his deep brown eyes were examining me. They looked like the kind that would be able to envelop a person and hold them in a warm, protecting bliss. I kept staring into those eyes until Sylvia's moans brought me back to reality.  I shook my head to try and refocus, Sylvia and Seana are the most important things now, I needed to focus on the situation at hand and get the hell out of here.