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Chapter 8

As I open my eyes I am greeted by a bright white walls and the sickly smell of antiseptic.

Oliver sits beside me, holding my hand with tears falling down his face.

“Oliver?” I ask, placing my hand on top of his head.

“Oh, Marie, I am so sorry” Oliver tells me, kissing the  back of my hand gently.

“What?” I scrunch my eyebrows up in confusion.

“You had a miscarriage, Marie” he says and my heart stops.

“No” I whisper, a lone tear sliding down my face, “Please no”

I begin to shake violently and soon become hysterical. “No, not my baby! We were doing so well Oliver! We had the perfect life beginning to appear! We didn’t even know!”

“Shh, its ok, it will all be ok” He murmurs.

“No it won’t! We lost a baby Oliver! I had so many problems with Jay, I never thought this would happen though” I sob, clinging onto him.

“What do you mean?” Oliver asks, and I realise that I had never told him about Jay’s health.

“Jay was sick when he was born, really sick, for the first year of his life he was in and out the hospital due to a heart defect. He was born with a small hole in his heart.  Jay’s heart isn’t as strong as other peoples, and he will often have panic attacks, mainly when someone is being mean or when he has nightmares” I explain to him.

“I am so sorry that I wasn’t there for you Marie” he has tears in his eyes and looks down remorsefully at me.

“It’s not your fault he was ill, Ollie, It was no one’s fault” I croon to him, stroking his hair softly as he cries into my neck.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” He chants, rocking back and forth.

“It’s ok, its ok” I tell him, kissing his forehead softly.

“Do you forgive me” he asks, looking into my eyes with his red ones.

“There’s nothing to forgive, you weren’t to know, in fact it is me who should be asking for forgiveness after depriving you of your son for so long” I lean in and kiss him passionately on his lips, not stopping until I run out of breath.

We both pull away panting with big smiles on our faces “I love you, Oliver Reid” I admit looking up at him through my eyelashes.

“I love you two darlings” he replies, using a fake English accent.

I laugh at his attempt, “Nice try, darling, but I don’t think you’ve really perfected that accent yet”

“I disagree” he murmurs, kissing the tip of my nose “But if all else fails, I have mastered one English chick!”

“Oi! I am no one’s chick!” I exclaim, slapping his chest.

The doctor then walks in with a clip board in hand, “Hello Miss Markus” he says entering the room slowly. “How are you feeling today, any pains or cramps?”

“No, I feel fine” I tell him, snuggling closer to Oliver as the doctor gives me a hungry look.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear” he smiles at me then moves closer and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, lingering before pulling back.

I shiver and tuck my head into Oliver’s neck as Oliver glares at the doctor.

“Well, it says here you have miscarried but we would like to double check that as we have not done an ultrasound so we cannot be one hundred per cent sure until the ultrasound is carried out.” He explains and hope bubbles up in my chest.

“You think I might still be pregnant” I exclaim, smiling happily up at the Doctor before turning my head to look at Oliver’s shocked face. “Aren’t you happy?” I ask him when his expression doesn’t change.

“Of course I am babe, it’s just unbelievable that Jay might be getting a little brother or sister and I will have another baby” He looks remorseful as he says it.

“Oliver have you ever looked after a baby?” I ask him, only thinking now that he may be scared of the prospect of having to care for a new-born.

“No, never, What if I’m just not ready for that, for a baby. I have never held a new born baby before, I’d probably just hurt them” he begins to panic about it so I place my lips on his to stop him.

He quickly responds and soon we are in a passionate embrace, I pull away when I hear the doctor cough and flush bright red “Now, lets see if we have a baby shall we” the doctor announces then buzzes in the doctor who will do the ultrasound.

The new doctor pulls the machine over to me and plugs it in.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Miller” she tells me.

“Hi, I’m Marie and this is Oliver, my boyfriend” my voice is shaky due to nerves.

“Now shall we see if there is a little one in there?” she asks me.

I nod frantically then pull my top up, ready for the process I had been through many  times with Jayden.

She smothers my lower stomach in cold gel then places the wand onto my stomach, a small thumping fills the air and I burst into tears.

“And it looks like we have a little one on the way, congratulations” she says cheerily.

“Wait a second” she says and I begin to panic.

“Yes, just as I though we don’t have one baby, we have two!” she announces, and then begins to pack up, passing me some tissue to clean myself up with.

Oliver takes it from my hands and gently wipes to gel from my stomach, he then throws it into the bin and leans down to place a loving kiss on my stomach and looks back up with watery eyes.

I smile down at him lovingly, “where’s Jayden?” I ask, confused about who is looking after him.

“He’s with Elizabeth and Markus at the moment, I had to wake him to take him there so I’m afraid he is still a bit tired but he and Keegan are having a great time with their sleepover”.

“I am so sorry for freaking out earlier, I was just so worried about their opinions of me and the fact I have even more people I have to share Jayden with, I’m so used to having him for myself” I apologise.

“That’s ok, sweetheart, I understand that it has always been just you and Jayden so it’s probably very different, but think about the future, were all going to be a family and Jayden gets his little brother or sister” And that is why I love him, he is so caring and loving, even if he is an arse.

That’s right, I love him, and I will never be without him again.

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