~ Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I wake up to an empty bed and panic. I run from the room after throwing on a robe and into Jays room. It’s also empty. Finally I hear the sound of laughter coming from the living room and follow it frantically.

Jay is sitting with Oliver on the sofa watching The Sponge Bob Movie on our small TV. Oliver has his arm around Jay who is leaning back on him and smiling up at Oliver, not watching the TV but instead focused on his dad.

“Hey, boys” I call out, walking over and blushing as I see the lust in Oliver’s eyes.

“Oliver said he was taking me to the park later mum!” Jayden tells me excitedly.

“Did he now” I reply, trying to look sternly at Oliver but inside my heart is bursting in my chest. He gives me a startled look and try’s to justify himself.

“I… Well…I thought you’d…we just…Well, I thought you’d like us to bond” he admits, looking upset at my reaction.

“Of course I do, you silly man” I tell him, smiling kindly “I just wanted to watch you squirm” I admit and he jumps up to tickle me.

“No, not my mummy!” Jay shots heroically and jumps on Oliver’s back. We all laugh and continue to tickle each other until we are laying on the floor, gasping for breath.

By the time we have finished playing it is Jay’s bedtime.

“But you promised!” Jay shouts with small tears in his eyes.

“I know, but it’s too late today, how about I take you after school tomorrow” Oliver tells him, picking him up and giving him a cuddle.

“Ok” Jay says, squirming down and walking over to me.

“I Love you, mummy” Jay murmurs as he cuddles up to my side.

“I Love you too sweetheart” I tell him, then pick him up into my arms and head for his bedroom.

I tuck him in and give him a kiss goodnight before leaving him to sleep.

“How are you feeling?” Oliver asks me as I enter my bedroom.

“Sore” I admit, blushing red.

“Good” he smirks then pulls me to him. “Can I sleep here tonight, or is that too soon; I know everything is moving so fast.”

“That’s fine” I yawn “Now let’s get tucked in and get to sleep.”

“Goodnight, Marie” he whispers, holding me tight to his chest.

“Night, Ollie” I whisper before slipping into a deep sleep.

4 months later

“Oliver! Where are my knickers?!” I cry out, my underwear draw is empty, and I mean that there is literally none, nada, nothing, not even my one pair of granny knickers.

 “Oliver! I swear if you don’t give my knickers back I will…” I gasp as hands wrap around my waist and hold me close.

His deep chuckle echo’s through the house, making me smile involuntarily. We had been dating officially for the past month and everything was going well so far.

“Oliver” I tell him exasperatedly, “Just give me my knickers, or do you want to miss Jay’s assembly”

“Only if you give me a kiss” he replies, beginning to kiss up and down my neck seductively.

“No” I whine, turning around and pushing him away “We are not missing his first assembly in California because you want to ‘have fun’”

“Ok, I guess it is my first time watching him in assembly” he says, his eyes glazing over.

“I’ve got the video of his first one if you want to watch, he was only four” I tell him, hoping to cheer him up.

“I would love to watch that” He replies, eyes shining.

“Now give me my knickers and we will get going” I place my hand out in front of me, demanding for him to hand it to me.

Forcing a pout he hands over my black lace thong and then gives me a grin as he sees my reaction.

“You don’t expect me to wear this to his assembly do you?” I ask him, waiting for the punch line that didn’t come.

“Yep” he says, making a pop sound at the P.

“I was going to wear a dress” I hint, hoping he will realise how revealed I will be.

“Good” He tells me. He spins me around so my back is pressed against him and then grasps my breasts in his hands, rolling the hard peaks with his thumbs making me moan in pleasure.

He then suddenly stops and pulls away, making me whimpers and tries and reach out for his hands, trying to pull him back to me.

“Please” I beg, still trying to pull him back to me.

“Nu uh, we need to get going naughty girl” he pushes my grabbing hands away and walks away.

“But Oliver” I whine, walking after him.

I walk into the bedroom and slip on the thong before pulling on some leggings and an elegant top.

“You look great” Oliver tells me, walking in wearing dark jeans and a tight navy blue shirt with the video camera in his hands.

“Thank you” I blush and grab my bag before heading out to the car and waiting for him to lock up.

“Elizabeth and Markus will be there” Oliver informs me and my heart drops.

“Oh, they hate me don’t they? I kept your son away and their Nephew. Oh goodness!  My breathing becomes erratic and I gasp for air. A sharp pain starts in my abdomen and creates a burning sensation causing me to fall to the floor.

My vision blurs and my hearing is disorientated, I see Oliver drop to his knees and place his hands on my cheeks, shouting something at me as he pulls out his phone and dials 999.

“Oliver” I gasp out, not knowing if he hears me “Look after Jayden.”

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