redoing the school dance pt.2

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Soon everyone went quiet as a teacher began speaking "OK everyone it's time enter the building and hope you guys enjoy your time" the teacher says threw the microphone and everyone cheered happily as they started entering the building.

Naruto became causiose as he looked around a bit worried since his secret was out sort of. "Don't worry naruto your safe ok" menma says and patted hid twins back softly as they walked in the building together as they long lost sasuke and sasukie in the crowed of people and good thing that the building had more room cause no one wasn't to be cramped in a building with a lot of people literally, that's kinda terrifing really like literally.

Soon Naruto and menma finally found sasuke and sasukie but they wish they didn't as Sakura was hugging into sasuke tightly as he was looked away and seemed to be saying or yelling something while sasukie was against a table and being tormented by the other girls.

Menma was now peaved as he watched the girls mess with his sasukie "calm do....." Naruto was cut as menma yelled at him before stomping away to save sasukie leaving the blond by himself as he went over to were sasuke and Sakurai was "sakura you need to stop it" Naruto says though he sounded a bit sad, "what's wrong Naruto are you OK" she asks looking at him while still hugging sasuke who was still trying to get her off of him.

Naruto sighs "sakura get off he doesn't like it and your also suffercating him" he says as sakura let's go and sasuke now regained his breath as he walked away and over to Naruto not wanting to be hugged again.

Naruto looked at sasuke who was glaring at sakura "sasuke can I talk to you" Naruto asks as sasuke nods and they both walked away outside the building where nobody else was "OK what is it" sasuke asks crossing his arms while Naruto looked down not making eye contact with sasuke.

He didn't know what to says right now as Naruto was about to say something there was a loud sound that blocked out what he said as they looked at the building they went it see what happened "what did you says a few seconds ago" sasuke asked as Naruto blushed slightly "it was nothing I can't remember" Naruto, lied as they made it to the building they went inside.

To say the very least this didn't surprised sasuke cause someone made gaara mad and who ever did well there fault not his.

Naruto on the other hand was so surprised as he saw that the sand ninja was so peaved someone made him mad and the blond was glad it wasn't him though he did feel bad for the person who did.

The teacher went to calm him down so he wouldn't kill anyone same with his sister as Naruto looked at sasuke who didn't even seem surprised he seemed calm like he knew this would happen.

Naruto POV

I was do surprised like someone ticked gaara off I wonder who did it but anyway the real matter is gaara saved me from my confession and that's all that matters........

But I did want to tell him though I guess he'll find out but I think he like me when I was a little cub or shrunk down to side.

I sighed as I looked at sasuke then back at the crowd that was around gaara and the teachers.

Soon menma and sasukie found me and sasuke as they sighed looking at each other "hey guys" kakashi says as he scared my heart away literally he did I think it stopped for life now.

"K-kakashi-sensai" I stuttered as I looked at him "hey how you 4 been" he asks looked at us but I don't like the way he did "I need to talk to you guys" he then says as we nodded and he took us out the building and away from everyone else "what is it" sasuke asks as we looked at out sensai he seemed a bit on the serious side of things but didn't say a word it was like he wanted to make sure we were in a safe place before he talked and that safe place was guarded by a barrier like at sasuke house as we entered the other building that's when he started talking "OK you 4 I get that you have lots of questions to ask so I'll answer them for you" he says, as menma looked at me as I nodded to allow him to do what he wanted "about yesterday what did though guys mean it was like they were after sasuke and Naruto only" menma says as he looked at kakashi who sighed but soon I noticed something as I looked around a bit something caught me as I put my hand on menma shoulder I think sasuke got the hint bit he didn't dare lift his head, up at all I wonder why.

Menma looked at me as he stopped "what is it Naruto" menma says while I looked up and whispered into his ear "there something going on" I whispered as he nodded.

Me and menma were good at keeping out ears and tails perfectly hidden and knew exactly what was going on.

I looked at sasuke again to see he was sort of looking at me.

I went over to him and menma went over to sasukie we then looked at kakashi who didn't look right at all "what's wrong you 4" he says behind his mask as we couldn't trust kakashi because the real kakashi wouldn't of ask us to talk to him privately but we were to late for that.

Cause soon the floor started moving causing us to slightly stumble and not be able to stand straght as kakashi started to laugh evilly before walking into the dark as disappearing that's when I knew we messed up big time.


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