Prom Queen Has A Secret

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Chapter 2
Quinns pov :
My name is Quinn Fabray and I am head cheerio here at McKinley. I am 17 years old and everything is perfect, perfect body, hair , voice, grades, boyfriend , what else could I want . Well there is one thing I want but I know will never happen, I want to be with a girl, not just any girl but someone who is kind and loving and can make me laugh. I know what you're thinking, "Why do you have a boyfriend if you're gay?" But thats the thing Finn isn't really a boyfriend he's more like a gay beard someone I can be with so no one expects I am gay. I just want to be excepted though, my parents would kill me if they ever knew and my reputation as a popular kid would be tarnash forever. I just wish I could be free and not have to hide my true self because hiding in the closet for 17 years has sucked ass. Anyway , I was in my photography class and Mrs. Thorn was talking to us about a project,

"Okay you're partners are on the board." She told us and we all rushed up there.

Rachel Berry! Finns gay friend? Wait Rachel is a lesbian maybe she can tell me what to do? Wait, if I tell her my secret she might tell Finn. And if she tells Finn I'm dead. Nope I can't tell her. I thought.

"Hey Quinn." Rachel said.

"Hey Berry." I said.

"So we're going to do this project together any chance you want to meet at my place?" She asked me.

"Oh sure whatever." I said.

"Okay cool see ya tonight. " She said and left.

Man , Rachel is kinda cute. I thought. No Quinn, stop you're straight. I told myself and left.

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