Part 1 (Contract Marriage )

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No, we are not husband and wife and It was a 1 year CONTRACT MARRIAGE
and contract completed 7 years ago.. And for you kind information you only throwed me out of your house..!!

Look nandini I am sorry for what I did, I know I did a big mistake to leave you... But plz nandini from 7 years I am searching for you like mad person, please nandini for once forgive me..!!

Forgive you for what manik..! Because you left for that soha, or you throwed me out of you house..!! I said with tears in my eyes, no, I don't want this man in my life..!!

Nandini please listen to me once..!! Dekho nandu ek baar, sirf ek baar please trust me, I will never ever break your trust, once please for once I beg you..!! He said joining his hands in fort of him, my heart feel pinched seeing him like that..!

But no, I can't melt, I can't risk my baby... He need happiness..!! If I trust him this time, what if break my heart again, no I can't risk this time, because if he again leave me, this time not only me.. My son will also suffer..!! I came out of my thought and saw him standing close to me..!! I pushed him hard..!! And walked towards my cabin..!!

I wrote my resignation letter and walked towards his cabin..!! Went inside with a bang...!! I throwed resignation letter on the table..!!

I am resigning my job, and don't you dare to come to with any Loophole's, you play enough with me 7 years ago, I don't want things get repeating, right now I am happy with what I have..!! And about trusting you, let me tell you Mr.manik malhotra..!! I won't trust you, and trust word doesn't hear good coming from your mouth..!! And don't every try to come in my life ever again..!! With that I started walking out from his cabin, but how can this monster live me so easily...!! He grabbed my arms tightly living red marks on my skin..!! He pulled me towards him with a force that I banged in to his hard chest..!!

You don't you trust me, I never ever broke your trust... He said, really he is saying that he never broke my trust, then me remind him his deed's..!! I forcefully came out of his grip and said, really manik you never break my trust... Ok then let me remind you manik, I trust you in my past that why I gave my self to you... I know that you were not in your sense... But I was in my sense manik, but i didn't stop you because I thought that you have changed...!! That...that night was beautiful night for me, I thought WE MADE LOVE, but it was a SEX for you, like you do with random girls, when you throwed me out of you house, that day not only you broke my trust you break my heart, and it doesn't have place for you any more..!!


With that I left his cabin, took my things and drive back to home..!!


Manik POV

what she was in her sense, i thought she was drunk... oh god manik kya kaar diya tune..!! now what, i cant lose her again... with that i took out my phone dialed number..!!

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