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I looked at the man laying beside me and shook my head. I shouldn't be here doing this, this isn't me. I know I should only put the blame on myself for what I've become.





That is what he continuously made me believe until I met him.

The clock struck 3:14 and I looked out of the window and then to the opened door. I was afraid to get up. I felt as though he'd sense my awakening.

I've been doing this for a couple of months now. You know, sneaking out to go see him behind his back. I know it may seem wrong in a way, but it's not. He makes me feel good about myself, way better than he has ever made me feel.

Oh how rude of me, I'm Abigail Winter - Abby for short. I'm twenty two years old, and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I have a degree in journalism, but I couldn't put it to good use because of him, so now my life has been full of shit to say the least.

That all changes tonight though, I've decided to leave my miserable life behind and travel to Chicago, where I can put my degree to good use and secure my future. I already have my bags packed and ready to go, all I'm doing now is waiting for him - the love of my life.

Speaking of..

My phone vibrates and I look down with a small smile. Mikeal.

Are you ready to go baby? I'm outside waiting for you. xo - Kelly

I looked at the figure beside me and took a deep breath. I put my phone in my bra and got up slowly and carefully, trying not to make a noise. He stirred a little and I paused.

Please don't wake up please.

He didn't.

I slipped on a white t-shirt and some light grey capris sweats. I grabbed my white sk8-hi vans and both of my duffle bags. I looked towards the bed once more and saw that he was still sleeping. I smiled a little and opened the bedroom door, leaving my old miserable life behind to start a new one.

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