The Girl And The Dragon

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There is a tale about a young girl and her advisor. It was told many centuries ago and it is not know if it is a legend a rumor or if it's real. But it will forever help form the generations of the future, telling them, well I guess you're about to find out...

There was once a young girl with about 15 years of age, that always wondered. She wondered about the past, the future, the present. And never seemed to be able to calm her many doubts. Until one day she called for help. For the help she had always needed but had never asked for. She asked the full moon for help. Since she was young she had always adored the moon. And now knew that it was the only possible help she could get. And sure enough, next day she was awoken by the clatter of several pots rolling to the ground. The moon had sent a messenger. A small dragon. Old, but very wise. He would be her own savior. Her only way out of her own doubts. His name was Moscorofio. The first words they spoke are still to this very day unknown, but the last are very famous. The girl said "I thank you for being my guide and counselor through life, but most of all, I thank you for being the friend I always needed but never had. Friends are they only thing you need to make a choice, because you know that no matter what choice you make, they will always be there to support you. And pick you up when you fall. And love you with more devotion than anyone else. Friends clear all doubt. So thank you." And the old dragon simply answered "You are very, truly, welcome."

                                                                                          The End

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