Bloodlines pt 1

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This is manely about Dathan's sister, Eden.  There are many clues and directions in this that dictate how stars evolves - let me know if you enjoy :)

Bloodlines – pt 1

 I never expected to find a young one of my kind without kindred by their side, but there he sat at the kitchen table of my work place, learning what was expected of him.  I worked at a group home for children without a home.  It was a challenging, yet fulfilling job.  For someone my age, having a home was not important, but for a child, it was the most important thing.

            I moved around a lot.  I found it best to stay in one place for, oh, no more than ten years.  If I remained any longer then people would start to wonder.

            They would wonder why I did not age.

            Why I was unusually strong.

            I never put it past a human – a regular human - to notice these things, and they did.  They are quite observant humans.

            He was small, lithe, and lethal.  I could tell, by the way his grey eyes shifted from my co-worker to me when I stepped out onto the floor of the common area.  We, my kin, can all identify each other at a glance - it is an internal radar.


            “So, a new recruit?” I quipped.

            Jacinda looked up at me.  Jacinda was a roly-poly woman with deep blue eyes.  Jacinda was a strict counselor.  I took an instant liking to Jacinda upon meeting her; she was honest and kind.  She was also very good at what she did with the kids.

            “Meet Kaleb,” Jacinda said waving her hand towards the boy.

            She waved too close.  For most children this would not have bothered them or tempted them but for Kaleb it was too tempting a meal.

            He snapped out at her hand, snake-like in his movements, his teeth, those razor sharp teeth, clamped down on her hand and drew blood before she could even draw breath.

            I pounced as we had been trained to.  I slipped one hand under his arm and my other hand pulled back on his forehead, forcing him to release his biting grip.  He was wiry, strong, and I felt him gnashing his teeth as I pulled him away.  I refused to let him go as he thrashed in my arms.

            “Ten second rule!” I called out.  The ten-second rule in the household meant that all the children had to quickly, without getting in the counselor’s way, go to their rooms, close the doors, and wait until the situation was under control.  There was no lackadaising around when we called the ten-second rule; it was run.

The seven other children in the house scurried to their rooms, frightened, but every one of them knew that someone calling the ten-second rule meant there was serious business at hand.  Each of the kids had a variety of issues, some parental, some trauma, and some abuse.  After a few weeks, all of them knew the rules, and this was one of the most important ones.  It kept them safe.

            I dragged Kaleb to his room.  He kicked and growled, but that got him nowhere.  More staff, Rayne and Trish, came rushing out onto the floor when they heard the ten-second rule called.  “What happened?” asked Rayne.

            “No honeymoon for this one,” said Jacinda, nursing her hand.  The blood was flowing freely now.  Jacinda wrapped her arm up with her shirt.  She winced.

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