before the date

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****** surprise!!!!!!!******

about 20 mins later cameron texted back :)

cameron: hey finally your up!

i laughed when i read the message

me: says the person who was up at 5!!!! lol

cameron: ;) lol i had some homework i had to know im in honors :D

lol yeah i know XD hard freaking homework

me:lol yeah i know so are you ready for the date

even me texting that gives me the chills.

i closed my eyes still trying to wake up, i looked over at the clock -_- yay 7:30 i still have a long day to go before the date.

i stepped out of the bedroom and turned to the left and instantly making eye contact with refrigerator.

"GOD why is the apartment soooo cold bloody hell!" i muttered.

my phone vibrated with cameron responding to the text i sent

cameron: yeah its gonna be fun :)!

me: when i ran in to you like a couple of days ago in the elevator why were you here? lol just asking :3

i swear people need to text fast :3 lol JK

cameron: oh i was visting some family.....any way i got to go i will text you around 6 tonight :) the date will be at 8 ok bye bye

me: thats fine :) bye.

so as the convo ended rather fast? why? idk.

"hey chris im about to go to the store in about 30mins....wanna go? i gotta get some stuff." asked jason as i walked in to the kitchen.

"sure why not....let me just get changed" i replied as i started walking back to my room.

i quickly put on some jeans and a white T with some nice black converse.

i grabbed some money from my wallet and my phone and walked out the door with jason.

"so wheres this store were going to?" i asked

Jason just looked over at me "oh its in the mall" he busted out laughing

i stopped "whats so funny?" "Oh nothing its know how some some stores have free karaoke booths?" he laughed again.

i yelled "you got to be kidding, your taking me to sing in front of people!?!"

"yeah! its going to be amazing!" he said with a giant grine on his face.

i started to walk agian "i dont understand you, you want me to sing fine im not gonna fight. lets just get there so i can sing and leave.

"thats the spirit" he said as he started to speed walk.

we reached the mall 30 mins later.

"i have a question? um yeah doesn't the mall open at ten? and its only like 8:15 smarty." i smirked

"its called my aunt owning the mall and give a little call to her to ask if they can open at 8. and look its open!"  he ran to the doors like a little kid at christmas.

"o god" i yelled after him.

we walked in to the cold smelled food court area.

"so where is this karaoke thing at?" i asked

he just looked at me "just follow the people singing."

"ugh!" i started to walk toward the music.

i could tell it was a girl singing...her voice was soooo soft and had a nice pitch and could a note very well.

as i started to get closer the voice  sounded familiar...

"it cant be! can it! no!!!!!!!" i thought


*******i chosen to do both :) Ashley and the date i felt like writing today soooo here it is and YES their will be another chapter tomorrow :3*******

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