Chapter 1- Left Alone

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NO. No you can't do this ...You cant. Please leave me. Leave me alone. What do you want ?? Dont do this to me.


18 years ago


"Congratulations! It's a baby girl !" said Miss Susan.

She was the nurse in charge for the delivery of Isabella.

Isabella was very happy because the baby was the first girl born in the family .She always wanted a baby girl with the name Anne. And so the baby was named 'Anne' .

She was extremely happy, for her wish had come true .

The baby was very cute . One could clearly see the innocence in her eyes. HER EYES. Well they had the colour of ocean just after the storm.

Her hands were so tiny that one would always want to hold it.

Actually the baby was just like a little white snowflake .

Suddenly in the midst of twilight an old woman of an average height , white hair and wrinkled face entered room no. 66 where Isabella was sleeping with her baby.

Though there was tough security check at the hospital entrance she easily entered. No one even saw her entering the room.

The old lady came in. Picked the baby from the pink cradle and held her in her hands. She was staring at her.

Just Simple STARE.

But at the same time Isabella woke up and as soon as she saw Anne in the old woman's hands she screamed. She screamed as loud as she could. The whole hallway woke up.

Every one came running to room no.66 to see what had happened . After that incident Isabella could not speak any thing.

She had gone through a terrible shock.

If any one would ask her a question, she would murmur some words which no one would understand.

Doctors lost hope on recovering her ability to speak properly .

Neither did they knew what had happened in room no. 66 nor did any one know that what did the old woman say to Isabella.

Everyone were sad and confused.

Doctors and the security guards checked the CCTV cameras but could not find anything that would lead them to the answer that who the old woman was!

Each room of the hospital also had CCTV cameras but the camera of room no.66 was not working properly after the terrible incident .

It was seen in the cameras how the old woman entered the room but her face was not clearly visible. After that all went blurry. Nothing could be seen.

Ironically the baby was born at 3 a.m and it was Friday.

People usually called this Friday as..


That very same night when this incident had took place Isabella had died. Died with her eyes open.

No one knew what had happened!

Even the doctors were unable to tell anything.

BUT. She left the world on "Friday The 13th " leaving her baby Anne crying.

Crying as loud as she could.


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