Chapter 33 | Corrupt Royals

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Heheh the header is totally random, but I think I need this made into a pillow XD Also hopefully it can counteract the feels in this chapter... (If it at all actually effects you like it did me) *sighs* We shall see! My writing is still rusty!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy it - Thank you for sticking with this book!! Love you guys :3

*Flash back* (picking up from Reckless Abandonment, chapter 27. It's been so long that I suggest a refresher 😊)

King Brennan is a vile excuse for a man.

Emma hates this, being twisted and black mailed into doing the bidding of a evil coward, especially when he's purposefully making her crush, and bring an end to the only thing she's ever wanted in life.... Love.

Sweltering Emotions suffocate her as she quietly walks down the hall like Brennan told her to if she wanted to keep Killian alive and well, even if it meant he would be forever in the arms of another woman.

Speaking of the devil.......As soon as that thought crosses Emma's  mind, her green watery eyes fall on Killian's damn fiancé herself....Tinkerbell

"I thought I smelled something vile coming from these halls..." Tink states accusingly, sauntering up to Emma with her arms firmly crossed over her chest.

Emma swallows, easily wiping the tears that were forming away. The last thing she wants is for Tink to think she's actually effected her.

Tinkerbell easily places her hands on her hips, "So, your the Whore that's got Killian wrapped around your prickly little finger then, huh?"

Emma blinks, slightly taken aback as she holds her breathe. If she opens her mouth she knows it will end in her laying the 'Queen to be' out cold.

"Haha." Tinkerbell chuckles "You know what Emma, going to be straightforward with you.... I don't love Killian, and I probably never will. But during my several endless years of wedlock to that imp, I'll find pleasure - just knowing that I won." She starts circling Emma with a predatory look in her eyes.  "You lost him, and starting tommorrow he will belong to me. Now why don't you run along - .... But Perhaps you should stop in the barnyard on your way out. Maybe there you could actually find someone your worthy of."

Flipping her hair over her shoulder with a devilish smirk Tink turns her back on Emma, and it takes every ounce of her being to contain herself from strangling the blonde demon.

Watching her walk away in a calm, contained manner.... Despite the fact that Emma's already killed her repeatedly in her head with nearly every weapon imaginable.

Running a tired hand through her hair, Emma lets out a sad laugh... She went to high school - Being bullied isn't something new, or something that should be getting to her.

But when she mentioned the part about Killian.....

I wanted to lose it.

Emma's petite, trembling hand grips the black metal door knob leading to what she was told was Killian's chamber. twisting it until the large rounded door begins to open, quietly she prays he's in a bad mood... making this whole thing easier for her not to fall under the spell he holds over her... So this won't hurt her.

After wiping at her weary eyes on last time she takes a shaky breath before carefully peeking only her head in. Her blonde waves falling forward off her shoulder, the golds clashing against the white of her  flowy blouse.

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