"Okay little brother you might wanna get off Rexs' sister."  I heard Reese say. So this was his little brother. I could see a bit of a resemblance with the bone structure and style but that was about it.  Reese's brother got off of me and and stuck a hand out to help me up, which I accepted.

         "I'm Jace." He said, extending his hand. I noticed a sunburst tattoo on it close to his thumb. I took his hand and nodded my head.

         "I'm Ripley." I said, taking my hand back and going around him to the front door. Rexon was standing there, shaking his head at something Tommy said. 

         "What do you guys want for dinner?" I asked, pushing them out of the doorway. I walked to the kitchen, them following close on my heels. 

         "I want pizza!" Jer yelled. A chorus of "Hell yeahs" followed. Pizza it is. Time to make dinner for 12!

         Two hours and a lot of complaints later, the pizza was done and we were pigging out. The boys were throwing dirty socks around and screaming at the hockey game on TV.  I was standing by the door, eating pizza and dodging socks. For college boys, they sure are immature.

             Jace was standing next to me, staring intently at the side of my face.  Creepy? 

             "Uh. You've been staring for awhile." I said, hoping to get him to quit. He didn't.

             "You don't really look like your brother." He said slowly, taking his time on each word.

             "Thanks, I'm glad to hear that." I laughed. Turning back to the kitchen I put my paper plate in the trash and headed upstairs to my room. I grabbed my phone off my bed and sat down on the floor of my closet. Selly had texted me four times, each one about Damien, this guy she swears likes me. Damien's a jock, captain of the football and basketball team. I know for a fact he's way out of my league. He's gorgeous, completely and utterly stunning. Which is why he doesn't like me. 

             I'm plain, my black hair shines but not to amazingly so, my brown eyes are warm but dull and my body is nothing compelling. Why would a guy that could have anyone want me? 

             August 12th

             "Ripley! Jace! Get down here it's time for school!" Rexon was yelling from the middle of the hallway, the best place to reach both Jace and I. It was the first day of school and the weeks with Jace had flown by. We weren't really friends but we were civil with each other. Selly was gonna meet me at my locker when we got there, she was excited to see the new edition to this crazy household.

             I ran downstairs, grabbed a breakfast bar and headed out the door to the car. Jace was riding with me since Reese wanted to take his bike out to impress college girls. I was driving, it is my car after all, and Jace was playing with the radio. 

             "So, where are you on the social ladder?" Jace asked all of a sudden.

             "The bottom. I don't really care about popularity." I said, focusing on my turn signals.

             "Huh." Was all he responded. What the hell? We were pulling into the parking lot and I grabbed a spot before fleeing the car. Jace can find his own way around and it looked like he was already popular. I rushed to my locker, ignoring the catcalls and praying Selly would be there. People are not my strong point. I lifted my head in time to see Selly standing there, waiting for me and clicking away on her phone.

              She had so many friends and absolutely no reason at all to hang out with me but she still did and for that, I was grateful. She was quite the beauty herself, with curly black hair and soft brown eyes.

               "So, where's the surprise guy at? Can I come over tonight? Wanna go shopping this weekend?" Selly was known for firing 100 questions before anyone had time to comprehend the first one. I was used to it though so I just answered one at a time.

               "He's outside, being gawked over. Sure you can if you want and no I can't go shopping, gotta go to Jer's grandparents for their anniversary." I said, putting my supplies in my locker and shutting it back. Jer's grandparents had been married for 50 years and we were all going to celebrate with them.

               "Well, okay. Anyway did you see what Raina's wearing?" Selly continued to babble as we made our way to our advisers to receive our schedules. We had different last names so we had to separate at the end of the hallway, both of us branching out with a 'love you' over our shoulder. I walked to the call and sat down, hoping to get at least one class with Selly.

            It turns out I have three classes with Selly and four with Jace. Selly and I were sitting in the living room, watching Lifetime Movies and eating popcorn. The boys weren't home, well Jace was but everybody else was out partying. Typical. Selly was crying and I was sobbing my eyes out, trying not to get choked on the popcorn I had popped in before Little Jamie took his last breathe. It was really unfair how movies could do this.

            "Wh-wh-why did he have to die!" Selly sobbed out, clutching a tissue in one hand and my arm in the other. I just shook my head, tears leaking out.

            "Um, are you guys okay?" Jace asked from the door. I looked at him, sobbing a little more and then calmed myself down enough to answer.

            "Little Jamie was to young to die!" I managed to get out before I choked on another sob. Jace shook his head at us and walked back upstairs. It was around 9:30 and I was getting tired so I grabbed Selly's hand and we walked upstairs, struggling to get up the stairs. Our tears finally subsided when we got to my bed and we flopped down with a snap from my comforter. 

            I rolled over when I heard the sound of Jace's music blaring through the walls. Good thing I was used to this. I drifted off quickly, counting the stars. 

            Jace's POV

            I was blasting some Simple Plan and staring out my window, thinking about Ripley. She was different, complicated and I didn't know how to take it. We didn't really talk all that much, but when we did she left me questioning things. She dressed her petite frame in skinny jeans and peasant shirts and wore either gladiators or vans on her feet. Half time she walked around the house in sweats, her hair up and her glasses on. She made dinner almost every night and assigned chore lists that the boys actually followed. 

            She seemed to have a grip on her life, but from the party Rexon had held a few days back I knew she could let loose when she wanted to. I shook my head and changed gears, thinking now about getting a job. I needed cash, I needed to get out of my brothers frat house. It was awesome to party all the time, but I need to get my life on the track I wanted it on and this was not going to help. Reese had every intention of me going to college, all I wanted to do was play. I had a band back home, they were waiting on my return, which I promised would be soon.

            We were working our way to a record deal and would have one by now if I hadn't of had to move. Thinking about all the reasons I had to come here, my mood instantly went down the drain. I guess I'll just count the stars till sleep comes.

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