Chapter One

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Warning : This was the first story I ever attempted to write. It's pretty inconsistent and jumps forward very rapidly. Poorly written, FYI. I actually really hate this story. Don't know why I'm not deleting it but oh well.

       Being the only girl in a household full of college boys was hard. My brother, Rexon, adopted me when our parents died and I moved into the frat house he lives in. All together, there are 9 guys.  Is it crazy here? Well duh. Do I mind? No. There's Sid, Blake, Southerland, Tommy, Jer, Rexon, Sam, Reese, and Dean. They are all completely different.  Sid and Reese leaned more toward the punk side of things while Dean and Blake are full fledged jocks.  Tommy,Jer and Sam are innocent as all get out and were so adorable it wasn't even funny. Rexon and Southerland are music guys. They listen to whatever they could get there hands on.

         I'm sort of the glue that holds them all together, keeps them sane. I moved in when I was 14, I'm 16 now. I guess since I'm "came into my self" the guys are starting to look at me differently, but mainly I'm still just Ripley, Rexon's little sister. No one dare tread my territory if they wanted to keep they're dicks. I didn't mind though, guys didn't pay me much attention anyway. Being a junior in high school and living in a frat house got me the kind of friends I didn't really want, so I tend to stick to myself. The only friend I can count on to stick with me is Selly, she's been there through it all.

         I tied my black hair up in a bun and threw my hoodie on. My room was a mess, worse then some of the guys'. The ceilings sloped over my bed and my closet was at the foot of it, my clothes spilling out. My room wasn't terribly small, but it wasn't huge either. I didn't mind though, it was my haven. I headed downstairs to grab a water before going outside for a run.

         "Hurry back little sis! You gotta cook dinner and a new guy's moving in!" I heard my brother yell as I ran out the door.

         Were they seriously thinking of adding a new guy? It's a four bedroom house! Where's he gonna sleep? The attic? I swear, they just kept adding boys. You'd think they were gay! I took off down my usual path and popped my headphones in, blasting Staind and thinking about school next week.

         My Junior year is fast approaching and I have no idea what to do. Selly wants to branch out and party more, I just wanna stay at the house and party with the guys. I can get drunk at home. My social abilites span about as far as a mouse's tail. Selly did most of my talking for me and even if I wanted to, I couldn't make new friends. I'm just not equipped for it. It took me six months to get used to the guys.

         I came to a stop at the edge of the lake and pulled my headphones out, listening to the sounds of the frogs and crickets. I let out a breath and looked down at my wrists. My past was etched into every fiber of my being and it wasn't the best way to be. Rexon had offered me therapy sessions, but I rejected the idea. Sitting on a couch and telling a stranger who was paid to care wasn't my idea of moving on. 

         Pulling my sleeves back down and popping my headphones back in I headed back to the house. There was a new motorcycle in the driveway and as I got closer I could hear the guys yelling inside. New guy must be here, I thought. I took my sweaty hair down so I could put it back up and stepped onto the porch. Just as I was about to open the door, a guy came flying out and fell over on top of me. Ow. I raised my hand to the back of my head, feeling the knot that was already forming.

         "You must be the new guy." I said, my voice sounding raspy. The new guy didn't make a move to get up, he just looked at me. His honey blond hair was spiked and his light chocolate eyes roamed over every inch of my face and I started to feel insecure. The only person that looked at for that amount of time with that intensity was Rexon, and that was only when he thought I stole his Xbox.

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