Ours, Together: Epilogue

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"Goodnight, Vivian."

"Night, mom."

I slowly close the door of Vivian's room, and look down the hall at all 4 doors. I tip toe down the hall, and into the fourth door, my room.

I slip into bed beside Oliver, who has already fallen asleep, his laptop still open beside him.
I pick up the laptop and see that he's been working on another client's website. I carefully close it and set it down beside the bed.
Then, I give my husband a gentle kiss and turn off the lights.

The next morning

At 6:00, my alarm clock goes off. I switch it off and get up to get dressed. I put on a simple grey shirt and leggings.

I head downstairs and start setting out cereal and toast on the table. Like always, Madeline is the first one downstairs, her brown, curly hair half up and half down.

"Hi honey. Excited to finish freshman year?"

She nods. I can't believe my girls are already fifteen. It seems like just yesterday I was juggling taking care of them and being a senior in high school.

A few minutes later, Olivia comes running downstairs. As per usual, she has 5 minutes before the bus comes.

She shoves a piece of toast in her mouth and the girls are off. I look up at the clock. It's 6:45.

Soon, Vivian is downstairs. She looks beautiful as always with her green eyes, freckles, and light brown hair. She's about to finish third grade. I remember having her back when Ollie and I lived in an apartment, the winter after we moved.

Just as Vivian is finishing her breakfast, Oliver comes down the stairs, holding two year old Tyler. I think about how proud I am of Oliver and how far he's come in the last 15 years. Tyler is beyond adorable. He's our one little boy, and Oliver and I joke that he has a long road ahead with 3 older sisters.

A lot of people judged me when I had Vivian. I was only 22 at the time and had three kids. But I don't like to think of it that way. I had always wanted to have a big family. I just happened to have it earlier than most, and that's okay.

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