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Two weeks.

That was how long Cirque Tristesse would remain in Boston.

It was also a time stamp, for how much time I had to get Mika back. A clock ticking down the time in my mind. So many unanswered questions remained, tearing through my mind.

"Yuuichiro, you've been quiet today, what's wrong?" My mom asked as I ate my lunch, a sandwich slapped together quickly. "Do you remember Mika?" I asked, setting down my PBJ sandwich. She nodded, sitting beside me.

"He's alive." My mother went on to say that that was wonderful, although she was visually confused. I held up my left hand in order to silence her. "But, he doesn't look happy. He doesn't look like he's slept in a while. I want to know what happened to him." She was silent for a long while, meeting my gaze. "Then go ask him. If you still want to keep him as that friend you treasured so dearly, you'd better talk to him." "Even if I have to break a law?" "Yuuichiro, honey, I wouldn't give a shit if you sold illegal kinder eggs from Europe on EBay. If you want to see Mika again, you do it no matter what. Even if you have to sacrifice something so he can have room to breath. I know, even now, you would do anything for him." She was right. I didn't care how much he could have changed, he would always be my friend. And I would always put my life on the line to keep him safe, in order to repay the deed he did for my life to live on. I owed him everything.
I had to repay him. "You're crying again. Man, boy trouble sucks." She mumbled the last part jokingly, earning a small smile from me. My mom may not look like much, but she would do anything for me to be happy. That may be why she blindly put faith in me to solve the mystery surrounding Mika.

 To stay safe while doing so.

I made a plan, to meet him tonight. The questions I had would tear through my mind should I hold off too long.

My gaze was trained upon the trees and night sky, standing with folded arms at one of the living room windows, located behind the brown couch we had. "Will you be alright, mom?" I asked once her reflection appeared beside me.  She stared at me with raised brows, hazel and green eyes looking at me.

 "Really. If I was able to raise you on my own, I would think I would be able to live on my own for a few hours." She sighed.
"Yeah, right..." I mumbled, forgetting to mention that I had no idea how long I would truly be away. There wasn't much of a plan I had, it was very sloppily thrown together. All I knew for certain was that Mika was alive, and he held the answers I so desperately reached towards, and although it was just at my fingertips, it never got too close to me.

"I'll be back, mom." I said, allowing her to kiss my forehead.

 "Have fun." She said, putting the money for my train ticket into my pocket.
I didn't respond, doubting it would in fact not be fun. Maybe infuriating?

I shoved through the people all getting off of work, accidentally hitting the shoulder of someone. Mumbling an apology, I burst through the train doors. I stared around at the towering buildings, some of the Windows having drawn shades, curtains, some having lights on. Although a majority had the lights off, giving less darkness to the pedestrians on the town, leaving us dependent to street lamps and cars passing by. I kept a lookout for the stairs I had memorized much better than the building itself, noticing the walk was far longer than yesterday. I passed it.

I was now bolting against the human traffic, moving my shoulders to the side as a way of keeping myself as tightly packed as possible, taking any empty space I saw, making a mental path from the constantly changing groupings. Eventually the many steps came into sights, a convenient parting of people for me. I race through, bounding up the stairs. I pressed an ear to the door. I heard no commotion within, presuming it to by clear. If they were performing or setting up, I sure as hell would know. Imitateur seemed to be a talker with the way she presented herself. I leaned back, straightening my back as I reached for the door. Pulling on it, I felt it slightly budge, although before it opened a figure lunged into my torso, diving to the floor still clutching me. The two of us slid behind a pillar, and I groaned in pain the entire time. I then realized I was being assaulted, and threw a punch. Very sadly, the man who body slammed me into coverage caught it with a tight grip. I looked up from my spot to meet sharp Crimson eyes staring down at me, a panting mouth revealing what seemed to be fangs. Although I honestly didn't care. Mika just body slammed me. "What the he-" I began loudly. He covered my mouth, shushing my quietly.

 "He doesn't know I'm here. Imitateur broke me out temporarily. I was going to see if you still lived in the same house, but you beat me to it." He said in a low tone.
Okay, quick break for a few, I need to get this out.
Mika has a very hot voice, with a possible French accent. It seemed to quickly vanish the more he spoke, though. And he also looked pretty attractive on top of it. Okay, back to serious time. No more gay thoughts.

Somehow I doubted that to be possible.

"Well, I mean I found out my best friend was still alive. You know better than anyone that I would hightail out of my house faster than my mom at a fake haunted house." I said. He rolled his eyes, sitting up. Thankfully, Mika gave me enough room to sit up as well. Felt awkward being on my back on that stone floor. "Mika. I need to know what happened." I demanded. He looked at me, allowing me to see the bags under his eyes, face still tired as yesterday.

 "There isn't much to say. I became a freak of nature in a circus act." He mumbled, tucking the left side of his bangs behind his ear. A nervous habit I had thankfully remembered of him. "You're lying." I sighed.

 "So what if I am, Yuu." I looked at him, putting down the hand I had hesitantly lifted to his direction. "Please," I said, voice cracking unintentionally. "I need to know, Mika. You don't look happy. Please." He was taken aback by the pain I had accidentally allowed to seep through. I so desperately wanted him to tell me the truth of everything, even if it would hurt me.

 I wanted to know what happened to him from my failure of saving him.

"Don't cry." He said quietly. I took that as a sign, wiping my eyes with my sleeves. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body into a tight embrace, his chin upon my shoulders. "They turned me into a vampire, Yuu. It might sound crazy, but believe me. Only if you'll believe me once, trust me with that. He won't let me go, in fear that I would spread news. So, please, don't tell anyone. I'm begging you." He said quietly, hands gripping the back of my sweatshirt with fists. I understood then. Why he hadn't gotten contact with me earlier, why he waited until the circus had arrived in Boston and searched the crowd, in hopes to see me.

 "I won't, Mika. Promise." I muttered, burrowing into his shoulder, inhaling his scent. It was still reminiscent of the wildlife we had come across only occasionally, yet he always managed to smell of it. "Thank you, God." I quietly whispered, for a ridiculous prayer from long ago now answered. Whether or not it was the big man in the sky who did this or merely fate, to bring Mika back to me, safe and sound, I didn't know. Nor did I care. He didn't seem to hear me say those words, thankfully.

 But I couldn't seem to find it real.

 That he was real.

"Don't do anything reckless." He warned me, helping me to my feet with a smooth hand. "Can I visit you again tomorrow?"

 "What did I just say."

 "I'm not good at following directions."

 "Apparently not. Sure, you can come back tomorrow." He sighed, rubbing his temples. He's going to be getting one hell of a migraine tomorrow if my arrogant actions frustrate him.

 Because I'm going to be making a prison break successful tomorrow.

I watched his figure leave into the building, just now noticing he was wearing baggy shorts that went to his thighs, and a rough looking sweater. He went through a window, and I saw Imitateur on the other side, helping him down over the edge. Possibly so he wouldn't make any noise entering. She gave me a single look that told me exactly what she had seen in yesterday's act.

She saw my childhood friend, as he sacrificed himself for me. A scene forever remaining in my mind, no matter what happened to me. And she sympathized with me. The window slid shut, black curtains blocking my view. So, I decided to go home, and call a family meeting. Well, more like explain my plan to my mom with the audience of my friends. They needed to know as well, and to not do anything stupid like follow me.

 Which was far more likely than you would think.

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