Bye, Bye Virginity - Part 22

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Finally... Part 22. Man, can I take any longer! Lmfao!

Yes, I know its been like a forever, but psht.. W.E, it was christmas so if you want to blame anyone.. Blame Christmas! Lmfao!

Sorry I took so long everyone. But December was like Beyond crazy for me! Lmfao.

So here you guys go. I hope you like it!

Thanks for still supporting me and reading my stories.. even though I put you guys through Hell in making you wait forever. Love you all Sooo much!



Part 22

I felt my heart sink as the whole world around me became a little distant movie. I held my breath as I stared out at the fireplace in front of me. I felt unable to form words in my mouth as Derrek's words began to sink in. -He never made it to California- The word's echoed in my mind as thousands of possibilities circulated through my head.

"W-what do you mean?" I stuttered as I looked over at Damen with wide eyes. He looked back at me with curiosity though I completely ignored him as all my attention was directed towards Derrek on the phone.

"I don't have any time for this, Stasee. Just come to Liam's house...FAST!?" His urgent voice forced me to think of the worst case scenario.

"Get off the phone!" I could hear my brother's distant voice yelling in the background. The line instantly went dead as my mouth dropped and my cell phone fell to the ground. I could hear it hitting the hard wood flooring as the back piece broke off and scattered across the floor.

"We need to go!" I panicked as I stood up from the couch and began to run towards the front door. I could hear Damen's footsteps running behind me.

"Stasee, Stasee! What's going on?" He asked as he finally caught up to me, grabbing onto my arm; turning me to face him.

"T-Trent...We have to go!" I cried out; making absolutely no sense. I turned to face the door as I pulled it open and ran out into the chilly night air.

Damen followed me and I could tell he was utterly confused by the way he kept staring at me like I was some run-away-mental-patient. "Stasee!" He yelled out, trying to get my attention which, surprisingly enough worked.

I turned around to face him and even though I stood completely still, my whole body was moving at an unheard of pace. My heart hammered fast inside my chest as my body continued to shake with anxiety. I felt my knee's weakening beneath me as my head span out of control.

"What is going on?" Damen demanded.

I knew our time was limited and Damen's constant questions were only slowing us down. I rolled my eyes angrily before replaying mine and Derrek's conversation to him. All my words seemed to mix in together as I spoke as fast as an auctioneer. I could barely understand what I was saying but Damen seemed to of got the just of it because before I could even finish, he was already running towards his truck.

Every second felt like a minute and every minute felt like an hour as I jumped into the truck and we sped down the street. Different scenes began to circulate through my mind as both Damen and I sat in the truck silently. I watched as normal things passed by my window as we drove; kids playing happily, cute old couples holding hands as they walked down the sidewalk, dogs running around in their yards. Everything seemed so normal and yet my life was the complete opposite.

I was driving to my almost rapist's house to most likely find him strangled to death by my brother. Just the thought of it forced my stomach to turn as I tried to hold myself back from puking. It really had nothing to do with Liam; I mean I could almost care less about what might've happened to him.

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