Meet the Supers

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When we were kids, we believed that people can be extraordinary. We believed that we could be like them, be able to fly, have super-strength, and be super-fast. As we grow older, we see the reality that these things are not true.  We can’t fly, lift cars, and be faster than a speeding bullet. We’re just ordinary and we can’t have powers. I was not an exception. I’m Sam, 15-years old an ordinary high school student. I’m the weird nerd in class. No one really liked me and I was pretty much alone all the time. I was always the last one picked but I didn’t really care. Everything in my life is plain and normal until that day.

I’m just a normal nerd; I get bullied all the time. I always pity those uneducated morons. I’m one of the most bullied kids in our school. I had no friends whatsoever, but I don’t care. I have many gadgets and they’ll help me live.

“Hey, I’m kinda new here. So uhm, I was hoping that you could give me directions on how to get to this room?” an unknown series of sound waves came to my ears while I was putting my books on my locker.

I quickly faced her direction and said “Yeah, sure. Let me see. So, you’re heading to the Algebra Room?”

“Yeah, its my entrance examination for algebra today.”  She said

“For your entrance examination? So, you’re a transferee. I’m Sam by the way” I quickly pulled out my hand to introduce to her.

“I’m Abby, I’m gonna be transferring to this school by next week so I have to take up the examination today.” She said while shaking my hands.

“Oh, I see. I’m heading to that room too 'cos I have to get some of the books that I left there. We could go there together if you want to. “ I said while letting go of her hands.

“So, how’s your life in this school?” she said while we were walking to the halls on the way to the algebra room.

“Well, its been a living hell.” I said with a disappointed face.

“Sounds bad”  she said

“Here we are, the Algebra room. I’m just gonna get my stuff and go to my class. See ‘ya later and Good Luck!” I said while being in a hurry

“Thanks” she said while entering the room.

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