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Harry and Archie sat in silence, the letter they had just received from Stephanie laying open and read on the small table separating their two chairs in front of the Ravenclaw common room's fire place. The former was more silent due to fatigue; training with England had, impossibly, been increased almost tenfold since their first World Cup qualifier match was next week. The latter of the two was confused whether he should feel happy that his very first friend and long time love interest was so happy at her new school, or upset now that he'll probably only get to see her two or three times a year, and only during the summer holidays.

Archie looked forlornly at the several pieces of scented, light blue pieces of parchment for several moments, before deciding to read through it again:

Dear Archie and Harry,

As much as I'm going to miss Archie's, admittedly, sometimes humorous antics and the hours spent mooching off of Harry's hard work in Arithmancy, I truly believe I have ended up in a better place, regardless of the obvious lack of company.

As you both already know, I had to pass an equivalence exam before being accepted in Beauxbatons, because instead of seven years of schooling like Hogwarts, we have only six years of schooling until we sit our graduation exams. Obviously, given that, the curriculum is taught differently and at different times, and as you may imagine, they are currently ahead of the level our class was 'supposed' to be at, making me a little behind, but I'll catch up. Not only that, the compulsory subject list and the elective list are quite different compared to Hogwarts, and I find myself impressed by the selection. Our compulsory subject list includes a Defence class where swordsmanship as well as curses and jinxes are taught, Charms, Transfiguration (which are both pretty much the same), History and a class resembling a combination of Potions and Herbology (I don't know why they didn't just do that at Hogwarts – it makes sense).

As for our electives, they seem to be more geared in preparing us for the real world as much as possible, as well as catering to some hobbies. Subjects like Political and Legal Studies, Business Management, Accounting, Performance Arts, Music, and Ancient Runes are popular choices while we also have Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Self-defence are some of the less popular. I know what you're probably both thinking, 'Why in Merlin's name is a class called 'Self-defence' considered an unpopular class?' the answer is simple, yet embarrassingly infuriating. As the class revolves around learning to physically defend yourself and building up your fitness, the rich and posh who often attend this school see it as beneath them and slave work – which is probably why I chose to take it as one of my electives as well as Arithmancy, Political and Legal studies, Business Management and Accounting. An odd selection, admittedly, but after going through what I did during Hogwarts, one's priorities seem to be altered slightly.

Also, the palace (which is what the school is referred to instead of 'castle') looks like something out of the renaissance period, and it's quite beautiful. Instead of a hall to eat in, we have dining chambers with these beautifully elegant high-back chairs for each of us and expensive looking cutlery. Actually, when I was first given a tour of the palace, I immediately thought Harry must have bought all his room's furniture from the Institute – it wouldn't surprise me you know, they say the craftsmanship on our furniture is unsurpassed and quite expensive...

Instead of houses, we are all randomly assigned to our classes based on our timetables and selected classes, which is sort of similar as people who have similar tastes in subjects are usually paired with you in classes.

Also, no matter which year level you are in, you get assigned a two bedroom dorm room to share with one other girl. The rooms are just beautiful with massive wardrobes, enchanted mirrors, and a beautiful bathroom with small Jacuzzis as well as the usual! Archie, stop thinking perverted thoughts. . .

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