Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

My heart raced as I ran down the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians and pumping my arms for momentum. A laugh bubbled out of my throat, my adrenaline running high.

"Slow down, Ember! Dammit, I can't run that fast!"

I skidded to a halt next to a big mailbox, using it as a resting spot. My pulse pounded in my ears as I caught my breath, smiling as Amber jogged to meet me not moments later. Unlike me, she was drenched in sweat. She popped her earbuds out of her ear, panting.

"Damn. How are you not tired yet?" she marveled breathlessly.

I propped my fists on my hips, shrugging nonchalantly. I used to run ten miles a day while training for the CIA (I'm not exaggerating that. My trainer, from when I turned sixteen, literally made me run ten miles. Twelve miles if she was in a bad mood.) Two miles? Pssh. Piece of cake. One mile? Huh, is this kindergarten gym class?

I waited until she caught her breath before we walked on. Having stopped in the middle of Quincy Market, we scanned the kiosks and stores. Tourists everywhere. Most who weren't tourists were students, like Amber and me. I didn't recognize anyone, but I did see someone with a BU sweatshirt. He looked like an upperclassmen.

"OMG! FROZEN FUCKING YOGURT! Can we get some? Pleaseeeee?"

I rolled my eyes, pulling my money out of my sport bra, covered by my new Under Armor sweatshirt. After a week of explaining myself to the sorority (I've never been asked so many questions about my love life in my entire lifetime), I went shopping at Prudential Center. Thank you credit card (which I'll end up cursing later when I get the bill.)

"Fine. Let's go." I said, sighing dramatically.

Amber laughed as we got in line behind a man with a laptop tucked under one arm and a camera in the other. Photographer. I stood by Amber, scanning the area for my peace of mind. I can't resist. It's habit. Nothing seemed strange. Just normal people doing normal things (or, as normal as you can get in a city, at least.)

By the time we got our frozen yogurt, we had to report back to campus. Rules say we can't be off campus after eight. Eight thirty they start handing out punishments. Nine, well, they pretty much kick you out on the spot unless you have a legit reason and evidence to back it up. Like, say, your friend broke their ankle and was at the hospital. You'd need, at least, a note from the hospital or a picture of your friend in the hospital. I hope that doesn't happen to me. My year has had a rocky start as is. The last thing I need is a late mark for curfew.

Being early October, I've settled down in my classes and pretty much know Boston like the back of my hand. The trees in the parks are changing and there's a faint nip in the air that hints it's fall. I love fall. It's so elegant and I get an excuse to drink all the pumpkin spice coffee and eat all the pumpkin pie I want. You gotta love it.

I scooped a spoonful of chocolate yogurt into my mouth. Yum. Amber was devouring her cup of vanilla and strawberry yogurt, scooping it up as if she's never eaten before in her life. I laughed at how ridiculous she looked.

"Whoa, I knew you liked frozen yogurt but calm down, girl." I said.

She mock glared at me, wiping her mouth with her sleeve and sighing. Half her cup was already emptied.

"Shut up." she replied.

Side shoving me, she laughed. I shoved her back, both of us pushing against the other and stumbling like two drunk fools. People shook their heads and smiled at us or laughed. I eventually shoved Amber to the side, running away as fast as I could. I dropped my empty container in a nearby trash can and sprinted. Amber's voice became a distant sound among the traffic and hustle of Boston. I rounded a corner, taking the familiar path to Boston U, when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. A hand clasped over my mouth as I was dragged into a side alleyway and behind a dumpster.

Fear twisted within me as I contorted and struggled to break free. I didn't see his face, but I felt the calloused, beefy hands gripping my arm. I tried biting his hand, but he took a firm grasp of my hair and tugged. I screamed. His hand flew over my mouth again. Suddenly, another figure emerged from the shadows. I looked up at the new comer, and anger ran through me so intense I thought I was going to slaughter him here and now. Pinstripe Suit aka Eyal Sali. He smiled at me, a smile of pure venom. I tried to break free.

"Well, well, well, Miss Rhinehart. You've matured, haven't you? Your face looks different. Wiser. And your hair. Might I say, I quite like it that color. It suits you."

I gritted my teeth. He continued to talk, kicking a gray stone as he paced back and forth.

"I hope you knew we wouldn't leave you alone so easily. After the last time we met, I was determined to bring you and your precious agency down. There are six reasons why anyone does anything. Do you know them, Miss Rhinehart?"

Of course I do. Love, greed, revenge, boredom, madness, and physical gain. Every spy knows that. It's one of the first lessons we learn. I remember Garret teaching it to me.

"Cut to the chase, Eyal. I don't need any of this embellishing bullshit." I said through gritted teeth.

Eyal nodded, ceasing his pacing and standing in front of me. He snapped he fingers and, a second later, I was forced to straighten up by the guy holding me captive. I gritted my teeth to keep back a grunt of pain. Eyal came eye level to me, his face inches for mine. I had to fight wrinkling my nose at his disgusting breath. What crawled in there and died?

"Very well then. Miss Rhinehart, I'm here to offer you a deal. I think you're being held back at the CIA. You have so much raw potential. So much! I would love to have someone like you on my side of the game. My organization has joined forces with the ACE, and we plan on launching a new breed of spies. Am elite group of select nature. You would make a valuable asset. Think about it. You have 24 hours to respond. Otherwise, all hell will break loose. Good day, Ember."

Then they left me in the alleyway without a second glance.

(Hey guys! I'm really sorry about any mistakes! I'm typing this on my iPod at 10:30 at night! Anyway, vote and comment! what do you think will happen next? hm? Until next time, my Wattpadians! P.S. the six reasons why anyone does anything was derived from a book series I read and LOVE. The last book came out a few weeks ago. It is called the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. I recommend  it to anyone looking for a series about spies and training to be a spy. :) )

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