Lissanna's back

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3 months later

Lucy pov.


Life was going great. I had almost got enough jewel to pay my months rent on my apartment. I woke up and felt two muscular arms around my waist. I sighed and opened my eyes to see Natsu. I got out of bed trying not to wake him and slipped to the kitchen. I started to make pancakes,eggs,sausages,and hash browns. After i made the last pancake i set the table. Right after i set the salt and pepper down after the food,Natsu raced in and started to eat it all. I had already made me a plate because i knew that he would eat it all before i even got a bite. I sat my plate across from Natsu and sat down starting to eat. Once i finished i made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I brought my clothes with me, a pink shirt with a black mini skirt, and started my bath.

After a hot bath i got dressed and started for the guild with Natsu following after me. Once i was in the guild i walked to Mira and ordered a strawberry milkshake. She went to gather the ingredients from the fridge. When she finished she brought it to me "Here you go Lucy." I smiled "Thank you Mira-Jane." I said and walked to Levy who was reading a book with Gajeel watching her read "Hey, Levy-chan. What are you reading this time?" she looked up from her book to catch a glance at me then looked back "Hi lu-chan. I am reading 'All the Light We Cannot See by: Anthony Doerr'." i smiled even bigger because that was the exact book i recommended for her to read.

After i finished the last sip of my strawberry milkshake, the doors to the guild flung open revealing a beautiful young white haired mage. The guild got super quiet. Natsu spoke up "Lis...LISANNA!!!" he yelled startling me. Almost the entire guild stood up making their chairs fly backward then ran to the mage named Lisanna. The only people that stayed behind them were me,Gajeel,Wendy,Carla a.k.a Charlie,Juvia,and Laki because none of us knew who she was.

After 20 minutes of hugging the life out of that girl,Elfman picked the girl up and brought her to Mira-Jane,they hugged for a long time, then he brought her to masters office. I took that time to go ask Levy who that girl was. I would have asked Natsu but, him and happy seemed out of commission and unable to talk at all except mumble the word 'Lisanna' over and over again "Levy-chan who was that girl?" she looked at me confused then a spark lit in her eyes as if remembering what i was talking about "Oh yeah. I forgot that you haven't meet Lisanna yet. She is Elfman and Mira-janes little sister. She is also Natsu's childhood crush." she giggled at that fact, and my heart skipped a beat "Didn't she pass away a few years ago?" i said "Well...we never found her body." she replied.

Master stepped out of his office and announced for all the people that didn't know Lisanna to come into his office immediately. When we stepped in i saw Lisanna smiling a warm smile our way. Master pointed to me "Lisanna meet Lucy Heartfillia, Lucy meet Lisanna Strauss." he said, i smiled st her she smiled back, Master moved on to the next in line. After we all meet Lisanna he sent us back. I didn't want to see Lisanna near Natsu so i claimed to be really tied and left,they could tell i was lying, all except Lisanna that is.

When i reached home i slipped off my shoes and took a bath to think about the days events. After i finished i put on my pj's and went to sleep hoping for the best day tomorrow with that i fell asleep.

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