The Dragon Tamers

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The Veil, a vast forest we Letherian Elves call home, she hides within her great beauty and even greater secrets. I looked out upon The Veil’s capital village La’laish, life is centred around The Great Mother Tree, a magnificent, magical tree that towered above the village, her branches penetrating the dense canopy, a canopy that blocked out the suns harshest rays. Us elves live extraordinary long lives, thousands of years, but no one is left that helped planted The Great Mother Tree, we can only speculate that the Letherian Elves have resided here for a couple hundred thousand years, probably the oldest race in the whole of Atheron, our beloved continent. The Elvish history is a long and complicated one, involving too many bloody wars with Humans and Dwarves, the Shapeshifters are peaceful beings whilethe Orcs have let the Elves be over the ages, they do not trifle with magic.

The Letherian Elves have the natural gift to tame and train dragons, it seems like an unwritten alliance between the two beings, Dragons are no longer an endangered beast, and have Elves waiting on them day and night, in return we ask for assistance in areas such as heavy lifting, transportation, and as weapons of war.

I am a proud Letherian Elf. I am their leader. I am Queen Feluna.


I sat at my desk, quickly scribbling down messages as my maid untangled my thick, white hair. I beckoned a crow to come to me as he looked into my bedroom from the balcony, perched on the railing. We use crows as messengers within The Veil, they are quick, smart creatures trained from birth to carry our words without fail. Tying the message securely to his leg, I fed him half a lamb kidney before he took flight.

The maid handed me a towel before I accidently wiped my bloody fingers on my gown. I nodded to her through the mirror in front of me; she smiled and silently laughed to herself. I studied my reflection, I hated my blue eyes they made me look too chimerical and less of a leader. It didn’t help that my skin was tanned like a Humans, people often wondering if I were a half-ling, half Elf, half Human. Unlike most societies, half-lings were not shunned or looked down upon in the Elven community, they cannot be blamed for their parents wrong doings; interbreeding was looked down upon, lions mate with lions, horses mate with other horses, Elves procreate with Elves.

My maid left the room, I seriously admired her for having the time and patience to untangle my hair, I have no time to take care of it, I have greater concerns.

“Your Highness! Humans are approaching on the southern edge of the forest!” A young scout shouted as he came charging down The High Road on his stallion.

“How many?” I panicked behind my emotionless gaze, the Humans have no dealings with us, why are there here?

“200, maybe 300. It looked like the High Lord’s War Advisor was leading them.”

“Alert the guard, I want every sentinel at The High Road’s southern entrance into The Veil! Fetch my dragon, too!” My voice boomed throughout the village, the people rushed around, fetching horses, gathering bows and arrows, hurrying into homes.

“M’lady, your dragon.” A young girl handed me the reigns to my dragon, Beogin, I thanked her as she hurried off towards the Dragon Keep.  Beogin was a fantastic dragon, his head towered above the elves below and yet was at eye level with me on my balcony, I’d say his head was 5 meters off the ground and his back a mere 2 meters from the ground, making mounting the saddle easy for a tall elf like myself.

“Beogin, have you heard? Humans approaching, I sense they are not on a peaceful visit.” I telepathically spoke to him.

“Aye, M’am, I have heard, let us not keep the Humans waiting.” His strong, deep, masculine voice filled my head. I hopped down from the balcony I stood on, landing in Beogin’s saddle. He pushed off the ground hard with all four legs as his magnificent wings propelled us upwards, in a heartbeat we were 300 metres off the ground, gently gliding on the winds above The Veil’s thick canopy. “Feluna, I can see them off in the distance, they carry war banners and are armed with swords and crossbows.” Beogin’s dragon eyes were much sharper than any other creatures.  As we flew his scales glistened an ash grey, a red marking ran down either side of his body, beginning at the base of his skull. I was proud to call him my companion, my advisor and my steed.

He sped up, I could see the sentinels below us, galloping down The High Road on their horses, we quickly over took them and a short time later landed just outside The Veil’s borders. The guard caught up, they looked like ants compared to Beogin.

“Orders M’lady?” The Head of the Guard asked as he positioned himself next to me.

“Block the road, no Human enters The Veil.” The Head of the Guard nodded and galloped off. The Human’s stopped no less than 100 meters from us, the High Lord’s War Advisor awkwardly hopped off the back of his horse. He waddled towards us, I noticed the buttons on his shirt were straining to hold in his gut.

“Feluna! So good to see you again! You’re looking well.” He talked as if we were old friends, and had forgotten about the war they waged upon us not 90 years ago.

“That’s Queen Feluna to you, Human. You are not welcome here, leave.”

“Queen Feluna, you’re right, we aren’t welcome here, but can’t we put that behind us and talk?” The High Lord’s War Advisor suddenly turned serious, his eyes burned with hate.

“What is there to talk about? You didn’t even send word that you were coming.” I matched his hate filled stare, he flinched slightly.

“The King wants dragons; you will either give them to us or face war.” The arrogance of humans, they should all burn.

“Why would we just hand them over?” I sounded as astonished as I felt.

“The King is in allegiance with the Dwarves, he has an army of over one hundred and fifty thousand soldiers.” The pudgy man crossed his arms smugly.

“Let me gather with council. In the mean time, you may not enter The Veil, you may not hunt the beasts that live within her, you may not drink of her pure waters. You will remain here.” The advisor nodded as he turned to leave. “Beogin, take me back to La’laish” The dragon took flight, delivering me back to the capital within minutes. I was already deep in thought as we landed close to the The Great Mother Tree.  I stroked his cold scales as the dragon-hand took Beogin back to the Dragons Keep. I hurried inside The Great Mother Tree, a spiral staircase ran up the middle of her, the council was already in the Council Chambers on the top floor. 

I regained my composure brushing dirt off my gown and fixing my windblown hair as best as possible, as I neared the top floor.

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