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A/n: This is a pt two of drunk... so yea.

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Question: what's your favourite song at the moment
My answer: probably back in back- acdc or smoke- daughter


You shifted slightly in your sleep, your eyes cracking open ever so slightly. Memorise flashed before your eyes of c/n giggling and kissing you, drinking tea and reading your books, holding you closer and closer to him.

And part of you feared it was a dream, all of it. That you made it up.

But as quickly as the fear came, it left, the second you felt c/n's arms tighten around you and pull you back against his torso. His skin felt hot agaisnt yours and you felt pins and needles spreading under any skin he was making contact with.

You shivered slightly and pulled yourself out of his vice like grip and went to your kitchen. You got him a class of water and some pain killers before returning back to your bedroom.

By the time you got back he was already awake, one hand in his messy hair the other on your bedsheets.


Oh god he didn't remember


"I remember last night mostly, I remember confessing, I remember  laughing... I remember kissing you" his hands came up to his face, a finger running over his lip.

"Oh god we didn't.... you know. Did we?" He panicked, staring you dead in the eyes, a slight pink thrown across his cheeks, like his artists had thrown paint onto the canvas and got it just right, after all c/n was a masterpiece.

You saw how panicked he was and how wide and wild his eyes were and you burst out laughing.

"No c/n. We didn't. You suggested it in a number of ways but no we didn't" you flashed him a smile and sat down beside him on your mattress. He burried his head in his hands and groaned "no. Oh my god y/n I'm so sorry"

You shrugged and held out the water and pills


"Praise you y/n my heads been killing me-" he placed the pills on his tongue and brought the water to his lips, you watched how his mouth pressed agaisnt the glass and couldn't help but think back to when those lips were pressed agaisnt yours.

"So what else did I do?" He was physically cringing and while you wished you could tell him nothing, it was something.

"You kept smacking my arse, you wouldn't stop braiding my hair and when you realised your braiding wasn't great we had to sit through six YouTube tutorials on it."

He was blushing

"You called your parents to tell them you were pregnant and that I was the father, you rapped a lot. Had a pillow fight with yourself, threw up in my bathroom."

He picked up your pillow and burried his face in it, you knew it smelt like your hair and you wondered if he noticed.

"And a lot more but I don't want to bore you. I mean the craziest thing you did was... kiss me.. a lot" you looked up to see c/n had thrown the pillow aside and was looking at only you. While his cheeks were blazing and his hair still a mess he couldn't have looked more serious.

"Y/n" he winced his head pounding but he wouldn't let that affect him.

"Y/n, look at me. I mean properly, don't look at how much of a mess my hair is or how flushed my cheeks are. Look at how the veins on my neck are slightly more noticeable because of how fast my heart is beating. Look at the way I'm looking at you. Can You really not see it?"

He looked caught between laughing and crying.

"See what?"

"That I love you, that I exist for.. and because of.. you. I've already said this baby girl. But I'm more than happy to tell you everyday, even when I'm extremely hungover and on the edge of blacking out, I will reassure you of my love"

Now you were the one caught between laughing and crying, you were chuckling but you knew there were tears in your eyes.

"Hey, why does that make you sad. I didn't want to make you sad" he pouted.

"Its just, no one's ever said anything like that to me before.." you admitted, fiddling with your hands.

"Because anyone in their right mind knew I would hurt them if they confessed their love. That's my job"

"And mine, I love you too c/n. More than I think even I will ever know.."

He was smiling, the sick feeling in his stomach and the pounding in his head forgotten, like a problem written in sand, washed away by a wave.

"I read that, ' the most beautiful flowers, have the sharpest thornes. Just as the most precious people, have built up the highest walls'" you nodded, smiling as c/n took your hands in his.

"Beauty is danger, love is crazy and life is a risk. But you make every second sane and every moment beautiful."

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