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"Negative, you're not pregnant." Harry and Louis both breathed out a huge sigh of relief.

"Is there anyway I can get on some type of birth control or something? This was too close of a call." Harry said as placed Niall on his hip seeing as he was reaching up for him.

"Of course, there's the pill, shot, a few different types of intrauterine contraception, and then there's also permanent options like getting your tubes tied or Louis could even get a vasectomy. I'll step out for a moment so you can discuss it, plus I need to print out the boys' visit reports." Harry and Louis nodded and watched as she left the room. They both sat down and Harry put Niall down because he was squirming.

"Do you think you'll ever want anymore kids?" Louis asked as they watched Harry and Ashton play.

"Ni that my truck!" Ashton screamed but of course Niall didn't hear him. This angered the toddler and he snatched the truck from Niall before hitting him in the stomach with it causing him to cry.

"Ashton Fletcher! He couldn't hear you and you know that! And it's NEVER okay to hit, you're going on timeout as soon as we get home!" Louis scolded as he picked Ashton up while Harry comforted Niall who didn't understand why his brother got mad at him.

"No, this is already a lot for us. It'll get slightly easier as they get older but Niall will always be deaf and he'll always need more help and attention so even if we decided to wait until they were teenagers, the baby would still take away from the attention we need to give Niall while still trying to make sure Ashton doesn't feel left out." Louis knew Harry was right, he originally wanted to have more kids with Harry but he also knew it just wasn't plausible.

"Do you want me to get a vasectomy then?" Louis offered but Harry quickly shook his head.

"I want to get my tubes tied, it'll make me feel more...normal. I'm not ashamed anymore I promise but it's just, I don't know. I've never felt female in any way so knowing I have functioning female parts is a bit...odd to me I guess. I'd just be more comfortable if only the male parts of me worked. If you're alright with that."

"Of course I'm alright with that love, it's your body. I'll love you no matter what and I'm just grateful that we have two children of our own. I feel like the luckiest man alive."

"I love you Lou."

"I love you too Haz." Zoe walked in moments later.

"Have you talked things over?"

"Yeah, I um, I want to get my tubes tied."

"Are you sure? It's irreversible."

"Yeah, we have enough on our hands as it is." Harry said as he looked down at the boys who were now both asleep on Louis' lap. Zoe nodded and typed a few things into the computer.

"Actually we do have another option. We can remove your female reproductive system completely. The surgery would take longer and the recovery process would be longer but it'd be a one hundred percent guarantee that you'd never get pregnant again because even with getting your tubes tied there's still a small chance and you've defied all odds before." Harry looked at Louis to see if it was okay before nodding.

"Yeah I think I'll go with that option."

"Perfect, I've set up a surgery date for you eight days from today. I have a list of instructions for you for both before and after your surgery. You will be in hospital for twenty four hours after so it'd be best to have a babysitter for the boys." Louis and Harry both nodded. They'd most likely have Liam, Zayn, and Gemma stay at their house and do it. They decided on three people because sometimes Louis and Harry had a hard time handling the boys...and they were their parents. Zoe gave Harry all the information he needed and then sent them off after warning them that the boys might get fevers as a side effect of the vaccinations.

When they got home they put the boys in their beds and decided to make lunch so it would be ready by the time they woke up. Louis still hadn't forgotten that Ashton would need to go on timeout once he woke up. They were pretty strict with the boys as far as making sure they knew right from wrong and that bad choices had consequences. Once they finished making lunch they took time to just relax on the couch, watch the telly in peace, and just enjoy some alone time together, something they didn't get to do very often anymore.

So no more babies ever. Harry's having surgery. How do you feel about that?

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